OT Cyber Security

All About The OT Cyber Security

Know about the OT cyber security and the next-gen firewalls. Also, what is the advantages if your company implements this method.

Introduction About The OT Cyber Security

OT or Operation technology is the process of using software and hardware. It is to monitor and control the following:

  • devices
  • processes
  • infrastructure

Moreover, the OT systems exposed a wide range of asset-intensive sectors. Also, the OT is for various industries such as the:

  • manufacturing
  • gas and oil
  • aviation
  • maritime
  • utilities
  • rail
  • electrical and also distribution

About the OT cyber security, Gartner has explained it as practices and technologies used in the following:

  • monitoring and controlling physical devices,
  • process, and 
  • events
  • also for protecting people,
  • information
  • assets
  • for initiating the state changes to OT systems.

Moreover, OT cyber security has a big range of security technologies. Starting from the next-generation firewalls to security information.

Also, it includes the identification of access and management.

However, traditionally, OT cyber security is not really significant. Why? Because the internet and OT systems are not connected.

Components Of The OT Cyber Security

The main component of OT security is Industrial control systems (ICS). Moreover, ICS cover the different types of the following:

  • systems
  • devices
  • networks

So these are for various industrial processes. Also, the other common component is the SCADA and DCS.

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. On the other hand, DCS stands for systems and distributed control systems.

Learn About The SCADA

SCADA is the systems that collect data from a sensor. Moreover, it is often given sites and send to a central computer.

It will manage and controls the data. The DCS is also for managing local controls and devices in one location.

Steps To Have Robust OT Security

OT networks need a unique approach. So here are the steps in establishing strong OT security.

  • Assess – this is the phase that building an accurate assessment inventory in the baselines. It is implemented for every baseline for development and complete networks.
  • Secure – after understanding the flow and patterns then start in security controls. Such as network access control and network segmentation.
  • Monitor – so to have effective cybersecurity, consistency is needed. Like how you monitor it timely, relevant, and accurately.
  • Respond – so starting monitoring proactively you will security and networks more interesting. Moreover, you will able to respond effectively.

Advantages Of The OT With The Next-Gen Firewalls

Deploying next-gen firewalls in OT networks – can result to advance filtering, that is beyond the traditional firewalls. Moreover, it offers a deep-packet inspection function that determines the data.

Increasing OT expertise to your cyber arsenal – can enhance your network visibility and control. 

Also, here are the following real situational, where the OT and Next-Gen firewalls apply.

  • The streamlined ICS device supports granular security policies.
  • Secures the network connection in IT environments and the ICS.

To have visibility control over your OT systems, it is better combined the following:

  • next-gen firewalls
  • ICS security

It will help you enables unified detection in OT threats. Moreover, here are the following threats and risk you can counterattack:

  • Virus
  • Malware
  • Theft identity
  • Backdoors
  • Direct Access attack
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