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Cybersecurity in Healthcare 2018

Cybersecurity in healthcare 2018. How did it look like three years ago? What can we learn from the situation in healthcare before? Year by year,…

Cybersecurity Major, Why Choose It?

So many degrees available, but why choose a cybersecurity major? Does it really worth it? So in this article let us tackle the cybersecurity major.…

Top Cybersecurity Courses To Take Online

Continuous learning is a must in the cybersecurity field. This article provides the best cybersecurity courses online for professionals. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is…

Cybersecurity Breach: Full Definition

What is a cybersecurity breach? A cybersecurity breach is the result of unwanted access to data, apps, or networks. This happens when someone bypasses security…

What is Remote Work Security?

Remote work security is the security of your remote workers. Whether you have employees working remotely some of the time or all the time, you…

What is Wireless Network Security?

Wireless network security is important. More so today, many companies are using wireless technology to connect their computers to the internet. Wireless networking offers several…

The SAE J3061 Cybersecurity

Learn about the guidance of SAE J3061 cybersecurity. Also, the static analysis tools for its implementation. About The SAE J3061 Cybersecurity Society of Automotive Engineers…

Why Do Automation Tests Fail?

Here are reasons why automation tests fail: 1. Lack of understanding of automation testing:  Developers do not understand the true value of automation, and thus,…

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence or cyber threat intelligence helps an organization better understand threats. In turn, better helps leaders make informed decisions. Most especially during attacks. Threat…

DoD Cyber Security Strategies

The stability, independence, and protection of the nation rely on DoD Cyber Security Strategies. The Internet allows more access to new information, resources making lives…
data loss prevention best practices

10 Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Switching to automation in processes and operations can risk data loss. So here are data loss prevention best practices that can help you maintain security measures. Data Loss Prevention Best Practices 1. Implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools Depending upon the type of DLP tool, they can be installed on servers or end-user devices. DLP tools … 10 Data Loss Prevention Best Practices Read More »
Cybersecurity vs Network Security

Cybersecurity vs Network Security

Cybersecurity vs network security. Both deal with a similar subject, security. But what does each term mean? And how do they differ? In this modern world, we rely more on our devices to work, play, and more. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to their security. But how can you do so if you are not … Cybersecurity vs Network Security Read More »
Account takeover prevention

Account Takeover Prevention Tips

Here is a list of account takeover prevention tips: 1. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security to your account. Google Authenticator is a free application that generates 2FA codes on your mobile phone. 2. Enable your account’s login alerts and financial activity alerts to receive notifications whenever your account is … Account Takeover Prevention Tips Read More »
Cyber Security Salary

Cyber Security Salary: Highest Paying Jobs In Cyber Security

If you are pursuing careers in the field of cybersecurity, you might be concerned about the cyber security salary. This post will then uncover the 6 highest-paying jobs in cybersecurity. Growing Need Of Cybersecurity Professionals Do you know how much a single data breach can cost? Consider what IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach … Cyber Security Salary: Highest Paying Jobs In Cyber Security Read More »
information security governance

What Is Information Security Governance?

You need effective information security governance (ISG) to ensure that your company creates effective information security policies. We’ll find data everywhere – mobile devices, cloud, in transit. Indeed, data help many businesses improve their processes. However, hackers also see that as an opportunity to illegally access your data for their financial gain. In 2015, hackers … What Is Information Security Governance? Read More »
social media security tips

Social Media Security Tips

Here are social media security tips that work. Social Media Security Tips 1. Don’t click on links in social media postings that you don’t know or trust. If you get an email that contains embedded links, don’t click on any of them; even if the link looks like it’s coming from your friend. Hackers can … Social Media Security Tips Read More »
Top 10 cybersecurity threats

Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats For Businesses

What are the common top 10 cybersecurity threats in today’s industry? And why does it make the data security industry on high ready?  More refined cyberattacks focused on the information and resources of companies. Also on educational systems, financial foundations, and even on governments.  The cybersecurity industry keeps on experiencing a serious deficiency of online … Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats For Businesses Read More »
Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught

Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught?

Are you asking yourself “can cybersecurity be self-taught”? Do you want to be a cybersecurity expert without going to college or university? If you want to know more, keep on reading. Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught? Like any other discipline, cybersecurity can also be self-taught. So, you can be an expert without getting a degree. Especially now … Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught? Read More »
cybersecurity attacks

Top 5 Cybersecurity Attacks in 2020

Over the past years, the information industry has been on high alert due to cybersecurity attacks. The severity of these threats has clearly heightened. Companies, government agencies, and even individuals are at constant risk of massive data breaches. These include malware, phishing, cryptojacking, and many others. It stands to reason that the constant advancement of … Top 5 Cybersecurity Attacks in 2020 Read More »

What Should You Know About Cybersecurity?

What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity In Definition Cybersecurity refers to “the body of technologies, processes, and practices” to protect devices, programs, and networks from any cyber harm. Cyber harm may refer to any attack, illicit access, damage, or intellectual theft.  Why Is Cybersecurity Important Today? How many times have you heard about it in the past … What Should You Know About Cybersecurity? Read More »
continuous monitoring strategy

Continuous Monitoring Strategy

Having a continuous monitoring strategy is helpful to make the best out of the process. Here are tips on how you can make the best continuous monitoring strategy for your business. Continuous Monitoring Strategy 1. Determine your target audience to know what to monitor You should determine if your application is for your employees, customers, or other … Continuous Monitoring Strategy Read More »
cybersecurity for business

Cybersecurity for Business: What You Need to Know

Cybersecurity for business is important. Here are the best tips that can help you start securing your business assets. Read on to learn more. Cybersecurity for Business: The Best 5 Tips Train employees in security principles Security is not an area that you can take lightly. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. … Cybersecurity for Business: What You Need to Know Read More »
ISO 21434

What is ISO 21434 & How to Be Compliant?

Know what ISO 21434 is and learn measures that you can take to prepare for it and be compliant. Knowing ISO 21434 ISO 21434 assists automotive product developers, OEMs, and suppliers in ensuring vehicle security. As automobiles become more networked and autonomous vehicles become more common, it is crucial that automotive software be designed and executed … What is ISO 21434 & How to Be Compliant? Read More »
What is SOC automation

What is SOC Automation?

SOC Automation is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for SOC implementation and management that is fully integrated with Splunk Enterprise.  The SOC Automation solution includes everything needed to launch a SOC and successfully manage its day-to-day operations. What is the value of SOC Automation? The value of SOC Automation is that you don’t have to build … What is SOC Automation? Read More »
Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Do you already have a cybersecurity incident response plan (CSIRP)? Why is having one important? And what are the stages in making one? Read on to know more. Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan: The Importance When it comes to cyber incidents, it is not a matter of “if.” Rather, it is a matter of “when.” Why? … Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Read More »
Microsoft Cybersecurity

Microsoft Cybersecurity Tips & Wellness 2020

Microsoft cybersecurity- being the largest software company in the world. Shares their tips for healthy cybersecurity practices. Cyber Health- Today’s Business Priority Microsoft’s Product Marketing Manager, Ms. Stephanie Lio shares some helpful tips. Ms. Lio has an Azure Active Directory. Ms. Lio, representing the company, Microsoft shares these insights. It is undeniably true how today’s … Microsoft Cybersecurity Tips & Wellness 2020 Read More »
how cybersecurity is important

How Cybersecurity is Important Today

How cybersecurity is important for us today? What are the reasons why is it important? If you are also looking for answers to these questions. This article is perfect for you. Read on to learn more. The world is now more dependent on technology than it is before. The evolution and growth of technology also … How Cybersecurity is Important Today Read More »
national cybersecurity strategy

National Cybersecurity Strategy

National Cybersecurity Strategy is a vital agency. A country needs a versatile and dynamic strategy to solve challenges in a fast-changing environment.National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCSS) is an action plan intending to strengthen global technology, resource security, and resilience.It is a high-level cyber-safety strategy that sets a series of national targets and objectives that need completion … National Cybersecurity Strategy Read More »
Cloud Computing in Cybersecurity

Cloud Computing in Cybersecurity

Cloud computing in cybersecurity can be useful to store and analyze large amounts of data. This allows businesses to analyze the patterns in data to see if it provides any useful information for cybersecurity. What are the advantages of using cloud computing in enhancing cybersecurity operations and services? Cloud Computing in Cybersecurity For example, a … Cloud Computing in Cybersecurity Read More »
Why is Information Security

Why is Information Security Important?

Learn the reasons why is information security important to businesses. Why is information security important? Information security is the protection of information from unauthorized access and improper use. Also, it involves protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. What are the threats to information security? The most common threats to information security are as … Why is Information Security Important? Read More »
Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Share For Everyone’s Protection

Just how serious healthcare cybersecurity is in the healthcare industry? According to Becker’s Hospital Review, approximately more than 5 Billion Dollars costs the healthcare industry in a year. More than 27 million patient records attacked in a year, with an average of at least one health data breach per day as per the Breach Barometer … Healthcare Cybersecurity: Share For Everyone’s Protection Read More »

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Space Force and cyber

Space Force and cyber. By Lauren C. Williams; Oct 05, 2020. satellites circling globe (Mirexon/ The U.S. … read source


SusQ-Cyber Charter School. Parent / Teacher Conferences. Starts 10/1/2020. Ends 10/1/2020. Contact. More Information. Parent / Teacher … read source

Amey hit by cyber attack

Amey was hit by a cyber attack in December, it has emerged. The firm’s systems were hit by what is…

Working from home?

Since then cyber threats and attacks have only increased. The lockdowns have not only made us work from home, but…
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