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Healthcare Cyber Attacks: A Growing Concern

Healthcare cyber attacks have become one of the most dangerous concerns today. For many years, the healthcare industry was generally immune to cyber attacks. But today, the healthcare industry has now become the prime target of cybercriminals. So, what are the reasons behind the shift?

Reasons Why Healthcare Cyber Attacks Is A Major Concern

There are several reasons why healthcare is the biggest target of cyber attackers.

Cyber Criminals Can Get A Lot Of Money From Private Patient’s Information

Hospitals store a massive volume of patient data. Confidential data could be worth a lot of money for hackers.
IT professionals said that the cost of securing healthcare data is far less compared to the pay-out from ransomware or similar attacks.

Medical Devices Are Entry Points For Attackers

Medical devices like X-rays, insulin pumps, and others play a critical role in modern healthcare. But these devices are designed only for one purpose. And also, they are not made with security in mind. And that’s a weak spot cyber attackers may use.

Staffs Need To Remotely Access The Data. Thus, Opening Entry For Cyber Attacks

Those who access the information may not be at their desk all the time. Sometimes they have to work remotely using new devices. But connecting to a network using different devices is risky. That’s because not all devices are secure. One connected device being open to hackers can leave the whole organization in danger.

Workers Don’t Want Disrupting Convenient Working Practices With The Introduction Of New Technology

Medical staff are often too busy and have tight deadlines. As a result, they don’t have the time or resources to add online security processes to their workload.

Healthcare Staffs Are Not Educated In Online Risks

Medical staff is trained to deal with a lot. But, awareness of online threats and online security is not included in their schedule. So all medical staff can’t learn cybersecurity best practices.

It’s Hard To Stay On Top Of Security Due To The Number Of Devices Used In Hospitals

Modern healthcare handles massive amounts of patient data. Also, they use an extensive network of connected devices. And remember, each one of them acts as potential entry points for cyber attackers.

Healthcare Information Needs To Be Open And Shareable

It’s crucial to pause and consider the security implications of the devices they’re using. Why? It’s because of the typical urgent nature of the medical industry. This means the staff needs to be able to share information immediately.

Even The Smaller Healthcare Organizations Are Also At Risk

Smaller enterprises have smaller security budgets. So this means they are often among the easy targets of cyber attackers. And Cybercriminals may also use them as backdoor access to target larger healthcare organizations.

Continuous Usage Of Outdated Technology Could Mean That Healthcare Industry Is Unprepared For Attacks

Not every aspect of the healthcare industry can keep pace. Even with the incredible advances in medical technology. Why? It’s because of the following reasons:

  • Limited budget, and
  • Hesitancy to learn new systems

Because of this, a lot of medical technology is becoming outdated. Therefore, it’s very important to allocate a budget and invest in the right solution for your enterprise.

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