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Largest Cybersecurity Companies In 2019

The largest cybersecurity companies are amazing. How they achieve to be one of the tops and maintain their credibility. 

Cybersecurity Companies

Cybersecurity Companies has grown globally. As the demand for cybersecurity has also rapidly grown.

According to the research, the average market size of cybersecurity by 2027 will reach $326.4 billion. Wow! That is amazing.

It proves how companies are more interested now in cybersecurity. Also, there is an almost 10% annual growth rate based on CAGR.

Furthermore, we can also imagine an increase in cyberattacks. Starting from the networks, endpoints, and applications.

Moreover, more technologies such as 

  • digital file-sharing platforms
  • blockchain technologies
  • the new online payment transaction, and
  • marketing tools

that adding for technologies expansion. However, this can also add a potential risk or threat to your cyber information.

So let us see what are the largest cybersecurity companies. They are also successful in securing our data info. 

Largest Cybersecurity Companies With Highest Annual Revenue

  1. MICROSOFT – Was established in 1975. Today it is the best developer, seller, and manufacturer of many products. Such as computer software, consumer electronics, and related services. With a revenue of $12 Billion.
  2. IBM- Established in 1800 with the name of the CTR company. But now it is known as IBM or International Business Machine. It focuses on computing, recording, and etc..) It also has a revenue of $77.1 Billion.
  3. CISCO – It was founded in 1986. They are more focused on manufacturing, developing, and also selling internet protocol-based networking. It has a revenue of $51 billion.
  4. BROADCOM – It was established in 1961. It offers a security portfolio such as Endpoint, identity, information, networks, payment, and consulting. Also, it has a revenue of $22.5 Billion.
  5. FORTINET – Start around 2000 with the management of Ken Xie. Also, they offer Networks security, Cloud security, Security operations, and Zero-trust network access. It has a revenue of $2.6 Billion

Largest Companies With Highest Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization – it is refers to the worth of the company in the stock market. It is important to know the value of the company to more assurance of your investment.

So listed below are the largest companies with high market capitalization:

  1. Palo Alto Networks – $21.3 billion. Diverse in providing security solutions. Also, increasingly focus on cloud software.
  2. Splunk – $20.5 Billion. Has big analytics, that includes security orchestration. Also, the mechanical response.
  3. Check Point – $17.9 Billion. Various in providing security software and hardware.
  4. Crowdstrikee – $17.5 Billion. It is Cloud-based endpoint security.
  5. Okta – $15.4 Billion. Also, it is Cloud-based endpoint security.
  6. Fortinet – $14.9 Billion. Also, various in providing security software and hardware.
  7. Symantec – $14 Billion. It is the largest security provider. Also, the owner of LifeLock and Norton Antivirus.
  8. Akamai Technologies – $13.6 Billion. It is internet content delivery and security content.
  9. Zscaler – $10.4Billion – Diverse in providing cloud-based security.
  10. F5 Networks – $ 8.7 Billion. Offers internet content delivery also security.
  11. Proofpoint – $7 Billion – For employee communications and internet security.
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