best cybersecurity consulting firms

The Best Cybersecurity Consulting Firms

Businesses and organizations always want their systems and data secured enough. We compiled some of the best cybersecurity consulting firms in this post. So it can help you find solutions and remedy any problems.

The Role Of The Cybersecurity Consulting Firms

The firm’s goal is to provide security-specific services. They provide solutions to ensure security assurance. Also, they give suggestions to help prevent hacking, theft, and any cyber-attacks.

Best Cybersecurity Consulting Firms

Listed below are some of the best firms worth checking for.

  • Cylance
  • Optiv
  • IANS
  • Equilibrium IT Solutions
  • Flashpoint
  • Myriad360
  • EzeCastle
  • Lucideus
  • SecureWorks
  • InCyberSecurity, and
  • SecurityScorecard


  • This company created the role of a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO). The vCISO helps companies fill the cybersecurity knowledge gap. Also, they offer tools like automation and data assessment.


  • It got 21st rank on the “Cybersecurity Ventures 2018 Cybersecurity 500 List”. It’s because of their growing global presence, and the ability to integrate solutions.


  • Another firm is IANS helps businesses decide on technology upgrades. The service includes assessments of current security devices and penetration tests. And also, they implement new cybersecurity tools and training.

Equilibrium IT Solutions

  • This company features project security down to cloud infrastructure installation. Additionally, they offer project rescue plans if there is a data breach.


  • Their team helps businesses identify the weak points in their cybersecurity infrastructure. And then, recommends ways to boost their tools. It tracks data across many platforms. Thus, creating real-time data analytics reports that give businesses insights into potential threats.


  • This company conducts first a cyber health check and evaluation. And then, implements various tools. That includes cloud-based products from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks.


  • This company’s team conducts vulnerability assessments. And then, they will install security plans and threat protection tools based on the test. Moreover, they train business IT professionals to prepare them for attacks.


  • This company tests digital security tools against potential cyber-attacks. Also, they create reports showing the gaps in cybersecurity measures. And thus, offer working solutions.


  • Secureworks ensures that businesses maintain robust security measures. This company also helps clients follow different industry standards like GDPR and HIPAA. And by the way, SecureWorks teamed up with CrowdStrike. This boosts their cybersecurity protocols in consulting as well as in Dell’s PCs.


  • The firm performs everything such as penetration tests. And then, vulnerability scanning and vendor audits. This is to give companies a holistic view of their cybersecurity protocols.


  • SecurityScorecard is a virtual cybersecurity consultant. The company analyzes a businesses’ cybersecurity measures and assigns it a security rating. And then, it will point out flaws in the systems and create a report. Besides, this report is filled with actionable insights that can improve data security.


Cybersecurity teams are bound to develop strategies and solutions that can address the attacks on data. Also, these strategies need to be aligned with the changes in the way organizations do business. So, seek out the best cybersecurity solutions that can help you best.
You can also check out this video for more best cybersecurity consulting firms.

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