Cybersecurity Week

How To Engage Employees During The Cybersecurity Week

A cybersecurity week event helps employers and every entity raise their cyber awareness. This is an especially opportune time to hone cyber hygiene and practices. 

Of course, training and awareness sessions should not leave the scene. However, this alone can make the event mundane in nature. 

So how can you make it interesting?

Well, you should engage your employees.

First of all, you should have training sessions. With the event alone, employees are reminded how security is a must. Email phishing, software updates, backups, and password strength, for instance. 

But why not add some twists and fun events for the employees?

Is it even possible? 

Well, it all depends on how you craft the events.

Read on further for more ‘fun’ ideas.

How To Engage Employees During The Cybersecurity Week?

Here are some ‘fun’ ideas to make your cybersecurity week better for the whole month of October.

Create A Series Of Cybersecurity Events

As already mentioned, when it is October, it is clear that it is Cybersecurity Month. Perhaps you should have training or discussions on schedule. Of course, that is necessary.

But, why not divide the event into a ‘series’ of events?

This way, employees should have something to look forward to every week. For example, you can set different themes each week. Password security, mobile security, home security, and email security, for instance. 

Whichever the theme is, your main goal is to inject the purpose of cybersecurity into your employees. Furthermore, this series of events should help your employees develop healthy cybersecurity habits. These habits should help create healthy cyber culture for the rest of the year.

Put It In A Game

Can you pull out games for cybersecurity month?

Of course, you can.

For example, you can turn phishing tests into a game. You can deploy the game at the start of the month. Password security hygiene, cybersecurity jargon, and email phishing tests, for instance.

Then, every week you can check who follows through and who does not. Perhaps you can offer rewards for those who follow cyber hygiene well. 

As mentioned, you can set different themes each week. So you can tailor the games each week depending on the theme.

Give Rewards

On games, you sure should have rewards to have it engaging. 

On the other hand, do not also forget to reward non-technical employees. You can set rewards in order. Perhaps you can give public praise or reward with gift cards.

Remember, it is better to provide positive reinforcements. Rather than pulling off punishments as consequences. 

If your employees see the benefit of cybersecurity, they will more likely coordinate with your efforts. Thus, one way is to engage them.

Don’t Forget To Add Humor

We are aiming for ‘fun’, right? 

So do not forget the power of humor. 

But how can you incorporate humor for the cybersecurity week, and for the rest of the month?

There are hilarious videos about cybersecurity. For instance, Ellen’s and Jimmy Kimmel’s. You can send these funny videos throughout the month to your employees. 

Besides, these videos should be in line with the theme. But making them laugh can make them learn something fast.

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