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Cybersecurity Insiders: How Industries Should Change Due To COVID-19

The Cybersecurity Insiders share how the COVID-19 pandemic should reshape industries and their operations. See how this shift should look like in the recovery year of 2021.

The COVID Disruption

I guess no one is ready enough for the pandemic. It has brought disruptions to industries of all kinds. Not only in the field of health and safety but also in the security landscape.

Last year, in 2020, the surge of cyber-attacks is waving. Cybercriminals took the pandemic to their advantage. As most industries shifted to work remotely, cyberattacks from remote access also increase.

With this in mind, it is logical to change standards and requirements as circumstances change.

So what should the shift look like?

Cybersecurity Insiders: Ways Industries Should Change IT Standards and Practices

Here are practical ways that industries should reshape their cybersecurity ways and practices.

Implement The Zero-Trust Adoption

Zero-trust security is a strict network security model. It is defined with a solid identity verification process. This security system is sternly firm in only allowing authorized persons from accessing the system.

Why is zero-trust applicable?

In a word, it is for security. Moreover, with the pandemic in mind, a massive amount of companies have shifted to cloud adoption. Besides, more than 80% of IT teams make use of the cloud even more during the pandemic. 

Thus, with this in mind, zero-trust adoption is gaining more importance. Especially with today’s rapid rise of illicit access to private corporate files.

How does it do the job?

Zero-trust security limits employee access. This is done by verifying everything necessary. Thus, helps in mitigating threats.

Certainly, zero-trust security should become a general standard for security in industries.

Raise Cybersecurity Funds

The COVID-19 disruption now serves as a lesson for all industries. Because of the pandemic, many companies suffer from financial loss, and worse, from bankruptcy.

In fact, the United States had the “steepest quarterly drop in economic output record” of Q2 2020. Even today, companies are still coping with the pandemic recession.

Thus, it is only reasonable to predict that cybersecurity funds should increase in 2021. Besides, experts foretell their predictions. In 2021, there could be a raise of $9 billion in cybersecurity funds. 

Although at the moment, the raising of budgets is still unusual due to the recession. But the dire needs should call for it. Because now, cybersecurity is more than just an advantage but a need.

Improve Documentation

Third-party vendors are also common sources of cyberattacks and breaches. However, working with these third-parties is undoubtedly in need.

So how can you make sure you’re working securely?

One prime way is through proper documentation.

In fact, the CMMC or Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification now requires documentation at most of its levels.

You will learn of a company’s cyber hygiene through its documentation procedures. Besides, documentation will prove true a company’s cybersecurity efforts. Thus, one way to assure the other that they are safe and secure to work with.

In the same manner, proper documentation should help others view you as reputable and trustworthy. 

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