CyberSec4Europe: The Importance And The Objectives

Have you heard about CyberSec4Europe? What is it all about? Why is it important and what are its goals? Well, continue reading below. Because this post will be answering about CyberSec4Europe.

An Introduction To CyberSec4Europe

What exactly is CyberSec4Europe? Well, also called “Cybersecurity for Europe”, it’s a research-based project.

Also, it has 43 participants from 22 EU Member States and Associated Countries. But what does this project do?

Well, this project is a pilot for Cybersecurity Competence Network. So it will be testing and show potential governance structures. Especially for the network of competence centers.

But how will this project do that? Well, it will be using the best practice examples. Specifically from the expertise and experience of the participants. Additionally, that includes concepts like CERN.

Key EU Directives And Regulations Addressed

  • GDPR
  • elDAS
  • ePrivacy
  • PSD2

Its Partners

Its partners address 14 key cybersecurity domains. As well as 11 technology/application elements and 9 crucial vertical sectors.

Additionally, its partners have much experience. Especially in addressing a broad set of issues across the cybersecurity domain.

Besides, the project demonstration cases will address the cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of the following:

  • Digital infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Government and smart cities
  • Transportation, as well as
  • Health and medicine

Designed For Whom?

Well, this project is designed for the following:

  • Public Sectors Organizations
  • Researchers
  • Security Software Industry
  • IT SMEs
  • End-User Organizations
  • ICT Sectors
  • Academia, and
  • Policy and Regulators

Why Is It Important?

It’s important because its long-term goal and vision have the abilities needed. Especially for securing and maintaining a healthy democratic society. So, that means living according to European constitutional values.

The Objectives

What is CyberSec4Europe’s main goal? Well, it’s to pilot the strengthening. As well as the future projection of the needed cybersecurity capacities. Especially in securing and maintaining European democracy. As well as the integrity of the Digital Single Market.

Besides, CyberSec4Europe divided it into measurable, concrete steps:

  • 3 policy objectives
  • 3 technical objectives
  • 2 innovation objectives

Policy Objectives

  • Pave the way for a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem.
  • Meet the Member States’ next-generation cybersecurity challenges. But, how will they do that? Well, by strengthening research and innovation competence. The same also goes with cybersecurity capacities. And both at the national as well as at the European level.
  • Securing EU’s digital economy, society, democracy, and infrastructure.

Technical Objectives

  • Create a research and development program. Especially, with a common research and innovation roadmap. Which in turn reflects all different cybersecurity sectors. And at the same time, covering a wide range of activities. From research to testing.
  • Revolutionizing the spectrum of education and training in cybersecurity. And how will they do that? By developing a cybersecurity skills framework model. Both for education providers and employers.
  • Providing services to the community. This also includes the support of certification authorities. This support of certification authorities has testing and validation labs. Which are also provided with state-of-the-art technologies and expertise.

Innovation Objectives

  • Help leadership in cybersecurity. They will fulfill it by developing novel solutions, products, and services.
  • Reduce fragmentation of resources. But, how will they make it? By using synergies between experts across cybersecurity domains. They will also build bridges between researchers and industrial communities.
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