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Information Security Forum: An Independent Information Security Body

When we say Information Security Forum (ISF), what comes to your mind? Yes, it’s a platform that can help your business grow. Not only that but it covers a lot of security stuff. So, your business can go beyond boundaries.

But those were just some of its purpose. So, continue reading below to learn more!

Information Security Forum – The History

ISF was founded in 1989. It’s an independent information security body. As well as a not-for-profit organization.

Besides, its membership covers many of the world’s steering organizations. Which are also featured in the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 list.

ISF’s Focus

It focuses on investigating and clarifying. As well as resolving key issues in information security and risk management. But how will they do that?

Well, by developing best practice methodologies and processes. Besides, it also creates solutions that match the business demands of its members.

Additionally, it provides Members with a trusted and confidential environment. But, what is this environment like?

Well, it is a space where their in-depth knowledge and practical experience are administered. Thus, it can harness collective insights.

Moreover, member’s knowledge may produce leading-edge solutions. They also bypass the expected major expenditure. As a result, they reach the same goals on their own.

Furthermore, ISF consultancy Services grant independent guidance, support, and training. Thus, boosting global business leaders as well as infosec professionals.

Because of that, it can now create and install cyber resilience. Especially for the following:

The Information Security Forum’s Security Model

ISF has a security model. This model shows how they address fundamental elements of an infosec program. Besides, it’s the result of Research, Tools & Methodologies, and Knowledge Exchange.

Moreover, they present insights and tools. As well as the most helpful practice standards. Because of that, they can address every aspect of the model.

They can also enhance the organization’s information risk environment. This also includes their supply chain.

Research And Reports

ISF Members have extensive access to an expanded library of reports. And these reports present useful guidance and answers to information risk tests.

Additionally, these research and report materials include the following:

  • An unmatched degree of knowledge
  • Thought leadership in cyber
  • Information risk management
  • Other related topics

Tools And Methods Used

ISF also gives its Members a unique set of tools and methodologies. Thus, they can now manage and measure information risk across all the enterprise.

Besides, the design is candid to perform. So, members gain an “out of the box” approach. And what kind of approach is this?

Well, it’s an approach for addressing a wide range of challenges. And this could be done by being strategic, compliance-driven, and process-related.

Exchange Of Knowledge

The ISF draws Members collectively. Why? So that they can share and address information security issues. This also allows them to share experiences and practical solutions with total trust. As well as confidentiality.

Moreover, it highlights the global reach of ISF. For instance, ISF workshops, meetings, and forums are taken across the world. From continent to other continents.

But at the same time, never ignoring to address issues. Both regional and international.

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