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Top Cyber Security Trends This 2021

2020 saw the rise of the pandemic. But also for new cyber security trends that will shape our 2021.

What are these top cyber security trends? And what does it mean for you and your business?

Keep on reading to know more.

Top Cyber Security Trends This 2021

Home is Where Attacks Will Happen

There is no denying that IT staff are still wobbling due to the massive shift 2020 brought. With the need for the work-at-home setup, they had to rethink their cyber security plans.

So, cloud services are slowly becoming the norm. Like Skype, Zoom, and Slack. And this trend will continue this year.

But this setup comes with new kinds of threats. Further, workers are away from the secure network of the office. So, more and more hackers are looking into this weaker set-up.

Then, workers will tend to take shortcuts to cyber security while at home. As a result, this will play a key role in data breaches and leaks in months to come.

Insider Threats

This one can be hard to spot. But this threat can rise within this year. Why? Because criminals can exploit insider threats, and they will.

As said, the work-at-home setup is weaker. Also, even before the pandemic, 25% of data breaches are due to insider threats.

So, in 2021, experts believe it will rise to 33%. Which can be alarming for businesses. One of the tactics that are rising is posing as trusted employees.

Bad actors can apply and get a post within a company. Then, they will become trusted employees only to exploit all your data and digital assets.

Cloud Burst

As said above, cloud services are booming because of the pandemic. Thus, we can also see the rise of:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • cloud-hosted processes
  • cloud-hosted storage

This is supported by one survey. It says that around 35% of surveyed companies plan to speed up their migration to the cloud this year.

So, there will be a growth in budgets for the cloud. As more companies want to protect what they have started in the cloud last year.

Further, hybrid clouds are getting more traction. So we can expect more of that this year.

Mobile Threats

Moblie threats also grew due to the pandemic. And this trend will only continue this year. The rising ones are:

  • specialized spyware to snoop on encrypted messaging apps
  • attackers exploiting Android security vulnerabilities

This is due to the rise of mobile usage in the work-at-home setup. Workers are:

  • working on the go
  • using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • relying on public Wi-Fi
  • using remote collaboration tools
  • using cloud suites

Thus, making it one of the biggest security threats today. So, companies need to make mobile-focused security programs. 

But we are already seeing some of them do. But still not quite enough.

Top Cyber Security Trends: What do you think?

So, what do you think of these trends? Are there other trends you think will pick up this year? Then, let us see what will happen as the year slowly passes by.

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