Cyber Network Security

Cyber Network Security In 2020

Know how cyber network security and its importance to your data and systems. Moreover, know the controls of network security you can use.

Introduction About The Cyber Network Security

Cyber network security is a general term. Because it covers several things such as:

  • technologies
  • devices
  • processes

But in a simple term. Cyber network security is a rule and configuration created to protect the following:

  • integrity
  • confidentiality
  • accessibility

These apply to both computer data and networks. So every company, small or large is expected or required to have network security.

Regardless of what infrastructure or infrastructure does the company has. It is necessary to have protection because of the rapid growth of threats in the cyber world.

Moreover, vulnerabilities and threats are more prone now. Especially in the following areas:

  • devices
  • data
  • locations and users
  • applications

Therefore, because of this case, many network security tools are created specifically for only one concern. To ensure to automatically shutdown and cut-off any possible damage.

Cyber Network Security: How It Works?

Cyber network security has many layers. All of these must consider addressing the concerns of your company. 

Moreover, attacks can occur in any layer. So cyber network security in the following area must build to address concerns:

  • hardware
  • software
  • policies

Also, cyber network security has various controls. These are the following:

  • technical
  • physical
  • administrative

We will tackle each of these controls to understand more how cyber network security works.

Technical Network Security

The control of technical security is for protecting data that is put in the network. This protection has a twofold:

  • protection against the unauthorized access
  • protection against the malicious activities from inside staff 

Physical Network Security

It is created to prevent unauthorized access. From getting physical access to the following network components:

  • routers
  • cabling cupboards
  • and many more

Moreover, here are the physical security or controlled access:

  • locks
  • passwords
  • biometric authentication
  • and more

Administrative Networks Security

The controls of administrative security are consist of the following:

  • security policies
  • processes for controls in access behavior

Moreover, it also includes authentication of access level and changes infrastructure.

Various Types

So we all know that threats become more dangerous and upgrading. Therefore, network security has various types to control the damage to these threats and vulnerabilities.

The following the various types and tools you can use:

  • Access control

It refers to the controls of access users. So through security policies, you can do restrictions.

  • Anti-malicious software

It is for the malicious software that uses for a cyberattack. So it works in deleting the corrupt files.

  • Application security

It refers to all software and hardware in your systems. All of these must be up to date to avoid any vulnerabilities.

  • Behavioral analytics

Use for identifying abnormal behavior in the users. So a baseline to normal behavior is given to the following users, network, and application

  • Data loss prevention

It is the technologies that prevent the company’s staff from sharing valuable information.

  • Email security

It is one factor in considering your cyber network tools. Because several threats, scams, and phishing is attached in any company’s email.

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