Why Cybersecurity Career

Why Cybersecurity Career?

Why cybersecurity career? Many are asking this question.

Are you finishing high school or planning on taking another course? Or are you planning to switch jobs?

Then, you might have already looked at cybersecurity. And you may have already heard about a lot of openings.

Why? Because cyber threats are rising. But cybersecurity experts are lacking. So, below are some reasons you should strive to be one.

Read on to know more.

Why Cybersecurity Career?

The Future is Digital

First, we are now in a digital age. And it will only become more as the years go by. As more industries become more modern, they are now exposed to new threats.

Meaning, cybersecurity experts will crucial for most sectors. So, if you become one, you can choose from the private or public sector.

You can also go to a small or large company. May it be in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. So, you have a lot of choices.


In the cybersecurity field, there is variety. It just keeps on evolving. Why? Because it needs to keep up with the tech world.

So, new roles will continue to rise. And old roles will continue to evolve to require new skills. Meaning, you can choose to be an expert in one area.

For example, you can work as a big data scientist. Or you might want to become a penetration tester. Or you can be an ethical hacker.


Yes, the exciting part you want to know. Since there is a huge talent gap, companies are offering competitive salaries. Each trying their best to entice candidates.

But is it good to note that yes, the salary might be good. But it depends on the position you are aiming for and the region you applying.

As per a study, salaries in North America get to an average of $90,000 to $111,000 a year. And this will go up based on seniority and your expertise. Pretty nice, right?

Job Satisfaction

One study shows that there is a high job satisfaction rate for cybersecurity experts. In North America, 71% of respondents say they are satisfied with their jobs.

Also, many experts take pride in their roles. As they protect people and organizations against cybercrime. As well as helping them be more cyber aware and find solutions to problems.

Further, the cyber scene is always changing. So, it keeps the job interesting over time. Experts always face new hurdles.

Education and Certification

No, you do not need a degree in cybersecurity to get started. Although a lot of universities and colleges now offer the course.

But a lot of specialists are self-taught. Because there is a lot of routes you can choose from. If you are an upcoming college student, you can choose a program that fits you.

But if you are changing your career, you might want to start by trying online courses. Or attending meetups and following experts in the field.

Cybersecurity Career is Great

So, what are you waiting for? Make a plan. Then go ahead and pursue that cybersecurity career.

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