Are Cybersecurity Degrees Worth It

Are Cybersecurity Degrees Worth It?

Are you planning to take a cybersecurity degree? But are you wondering, “are cybersecurity degrees worth it?” Then, you are not alone.

Many are also asking that question. This is because there are now a lot of cybersecurity career openings.

As a result, many are now looking to be in the field. May it be incoming college students or those planning to switch careers.

So, is a degree in cybersecurity worth it? Keep on reading to know more.

Are Cybersecurity Degrees Worth It?

Jobs are on the Rise

Before enrolling in a degree, many will consider the job opportunities. “Will there be a job waiting for me after I finish the course?” You may have already asked this.

And the answer is, yes. A lot. Getting a job is not a concern for cybersecurity. It is even the opposite. As per one report, jobs in the field are expected to rise by 28% after five years.

This is twice as high as any other jobs out there. So, there is no need for you to worry whether you will get a job or not.

Experts are Needed in All Sectors

In today’s modern world, a lot of sectors are already adopting digital. So, each has its own need for cybersecurity. As a result, you will not be limited to one type of company.

Much like accountants, you are needed in almost every company. Like healthcare, finance, logistics, education, law enforcement, and more.

And in some sectors, the need for experts is growing faster than in others. For example, in banks. They will need to increase their cybersecurity.

The Lack of Experts

Yes, there is a lack of cybersecurity experts today. That is why even though jobs are rising, many companies are struggling to find one.

Also, there is a huge talent gap. Meaning, there is also the lack of specialists in some cybersecurity field.

So, if you decide to be one, it will be rewarding.

Employers Seek Candidates With a Degree

Yes, you can be in the cybersecurity field without a degree. But today, more companies are requiring a degree.

For the past year, job postings are calling candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Thus, having a cybersecurity degree will help you land the job you want.

Earn High Salaries

Yes, you read it right. Cybersecurity experts earn a lot of salaries. Especially those with a degree. Experts in the field even have a 9% edge on salary over other IT professionals.

For one, an entry-level cybersecurity analyst can earn up to $82,565 on average per year. Further, the average annual salary for cybersecurity jobs in the US hits at $94,000 to $111,000.

Then, when you climb higher on the ranks, you can earn even more. CISOs earn an average salary of a whopping $273,033 per year in the US.

Cybersecurity Degrees Are Worth It

In conclusion, a cybersecurity degree is worth it. If you have passion in the field, go ahead and pursue it. Then, look for your area of expertise. This will earn you the job satisfaction you want.

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