national cybersecurity

National Cybersecurity

What is the national cybersecurity?

The quick progress in data has drastically changed the way we live. And it adds the fast changes in connections technology. 

Moreover, there are rising charges for these technologies. It includes important uses of control and power systems. 

Additionally, the newly created job of information is added to the agency. Also, it changes to the new model with a complete plan formation. 

The development of the core shall be able to order the choice of it. Besides, it ables to complete the data security plans. 

Furthermore, these globally known rules shall give the state regular works. Also, they give methodical practices. 

As a result, it guarantees the strength of the important plan. And it adds the non-critical base. 

Moreover, the state can make up its place for a fast response. Also, the government can grow up the ability to heal through the company of the national team. 

View of Cybersecurity

It is mandated to guarantee the rights of people to the privacy of their personal data. Also, it ensures the safety of a great base. 

Moreover, it includes the data assets of the government. And it adds the people and businesses. 

Additionally, it can give oversight over agencies governing the sector. Besides, it can provide error over managing the sector to secure clients’ safety. 

Furthermore, it can assure data privacy and security. And it involves the growth of the sector.

 Priority Areas

Here the priority areas that the department has to immediately institute:

  • Formulation of the National Cybersecurity Plan
  • Nation’s Important Bases
  • Government Networks both Public and Military
  • Small Medium Works to Large Jobs
  • Companies and their stock connections
  • Every Filipino using the internet


Nation-state hacking is one of the trials of the company. And poor safety data is added. 

Moreover, it adds the need for data-sharing methods in the systems. And it involves the high-risk form of many important national bases. 

What To Do

The national cybersecurity can make strong public or private companies. It can perform learning and experience works in the users. 

Moreover, they need to keep the data safe. And guard online and promote a society of cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity Statistics

  • Cybersecurity market
  • Official budget
  • Rise of cybersecurity spending
  • Safety crimes are up
  • Small business are targeted
  • Day period in crime data and reporting date
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Funds used for safety
  • Lan insertion
  • Companies complete https


The national cybersecurity centers on business works that create a style change of:

  • Convening partners who know the power in the safety system
  • Teaching people on cybersecurity best works
  • Increasing collective works to grow cybersecurity awareness


The primary goal of this plan is to assure the continued operation of the nation’s important bases. Also, it adds the public and military networks. 

Moreover, it involves the goals of the implementation of cyber resiliency projects. As a result, it can improve the strength to react to warnings before, during, and after attacks. 

Additionally, active coordination with law terms agencies is one of their goals. And it adds the cybersecurity trained nation. 

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