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Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder And Its Benefits

Are you familiar with Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder (BCEB)? How does it work? And what are its benefits? Well, read his post because we will be discussing that.

What Is Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder?

It is a self-assessment tool issued by the NIST. Also, it helps organizations measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity framework. As well as help them improve the risk management.

Besides, this tool is the result of the collaboration of the following:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Office of the Management and Budget
  • Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology
  • Inputs from private sector representatives

What is the additional purpose of the builder? Well, to ensure that enterprises’ cybersecurity program supports their activities and functions.

In fact, these are going to impact the organization. Especially about what it does. As well as how it does it.

What Organizations Can Do By Using BCEB?

The NIST explained that using the builder allows organizations to do the following:

  • Identify cybersecurity-related activities. Especially those that are critical to business strategy. This also includes the delivery of important services.
  • Do prioritize investments in managing cybersecurity risk.
  • Determine how best to enable the workforce and customers to be risk-conscious. As well as security-aware. And the same goes for their suppliers, partners, and collaborators.
  • Fulfill their cybersecurity roles and duties.
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency. Especially in using standards, guidelines, and practices.
  • Evaluate their cybersecurity results. Or the results they achieved. And
  • Identify priorities for improvements.

How The Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder Works

Well, it will ask you to describe your organizational context. It will also ask you to define your processes. As well as expects you to report your results.

But, as you do so, there will be linkages among these elements. But, what can these linkages do?

These will help you align your processes and results. Particular with your unique organizational qualities and situation.

So, in other words, it will guide its users to a process. A process that details their organization’s characteristics. As well as strategic situations related to cybersecurity.

Then, what’s next? Well, there will then be a series of questions. These questions will help define the organization’s current approaches to cybersecurity.

Moreover, the approach behind BCEB is simple. Why can we say that? Well, that’s because the tool uses a series of questions. These questions help organizations assess their strategies. Which are tied to cybersecurity.

Who Should Use The BCEB?

This tool is for leaders and managers. Especially those that are concerned with. As well as responsible for mission-driven, cybersecurity-related policy and operations.

And among them are the following:

  • Senior leaders
  • The Chief Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers, etc.

The BCEB Workshop

This workshop was offered in conjunction with the annual Quest for Excellence Conference. What is the purpose of the workshop?

Well, this illustrates practical ways to use BCEB. The training exercises can be a bit dry. But, the exercises have a collaborative nature.

So when combined with the case study format, it will result in a lively session.

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