CISA Cybersecurity Summit 2020

CISA Cybersecurity Summit 2020.

The Cybersecurity Summit held by CISA this 2020 happened on different days. And it was held virtually.

Read on to know more about this exciting summit for cybersecurity geeks. But, let’s first get to know CISA for those who aren’t familiar with them yet.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is known better as CISA. It’s a federal agency created when US President Trump signed the CISA act in 2018.

And, as a federal agency, it’s on the same level as with Secret Service. Also with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

CISA’s roles are very important in this cyberspace-reliant era. They must protect the US’ critical infrastructure from different kinds of threats. This includes physical and cyber threats.

Also, they need to safeguard the ‘.gov’ networks. It’ because it supports important operations from both partner departments and agencies.

Additionally, they work with private sectors to ensure they deliver their mission properly.

Information sharing is also an important part of their mission. One sample is the Automated Indicator Sharing or AIS program.

It’s an early warning system. And its goal is to let industries protect themselves before an attack. These also include government partners.

Thus, the role that they play is critical for the nation’s security. Including all the people that live in the country. It’s to protect them from data, identity, and monetary thief, and also from national risks.

In line with these, CISA has held summits every year since its start. And this year it held its 3rd cybersecurity summit. Let’s see what happened.

CISA Cybersecurity Summit 2020

CISA’s 3rd Annual National Cybersecurity Summit was held virtually. And it was done as a series of webinars for four weeks. This was to avoid direct contact with people during the pandemic.

Then, this summit brought together infrastructure stakeholders from around the world. It’s to give meaningful conversations and collaboration on cybersecurity.

The first webinar was on September 16 and the last one on October 7. Then, each day had its own themes to talk about. But all focused on CISA’s mission to “Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow”.

These are:

  • Key Cyber Insights – Sept. 16
  • Leading the Digital Transformation – Sept. 23
  • Diversity in Cybersecurity – Sept. 30
  • Defending our Democracy – Oct. 7

Let’s talk about these themes in more detail.

Summit Themes

First, on September 16, they talked about the theme ‘Key Cyber Insights’. They talked about the range of different aspects of cybersecurity.

Such as attacker activity and technological developments. And the evolution of relevant law and beyond. They focused on how to prepare for such things in the future.

Then, September 23 was about ‘Leading the Digital Transformation’.

On this day, they focused on what are the changes in the field. And what change to expect and how to adapt to it.

Third, ‘Diversity in Cybersecurity’ on September 30.

They focused on how the lack of diversity hurts all that are in the field. Then, they talked about what efforts are being made to make improvements.

Last, ‘Defending our Democracy’ was held as the last part of the webinar on October 7.

They focused on what parts of the country’s democracy that needs cyber defense. And which parties need to work together to achieve these.

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