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Claroty Rockwell: The Purpose Of Their Partnership

What do you know about the Claroty Rockwell collaboration? Well, the truth is, companies like to create new possibilities through partnerships. And that’s what Claroty Rockwell did.

So now, let us take a look at several aspects the partnership is addressing.

The Power Of Softwares

According to Claroty, the software can examine. Even to the deepest level of industrial network protocols.

Besides, it can proceed without impacting the system. It can also enable end-users to identify even the smallest anomalies. Moreover, it can protect complex and sensitive industrial networks at the same time.

Amir Zilberstein is the co-founder and CEO of Claroty. What did he say about the platform? Well, Amir said that it can detect a bad actor’s activities. Not only, but it also detects human errors. As well as other integrity issues on processes.

The Convergence Of IT/OT

What can we expect from this teamwork? Well, this creates new possibilities in production. So, what is the result? It gives data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and support.

But, along with these possibilities is the need for a new approach to cybersecurity. And the reason is to protect today’s connected OT environments.

About The New Approach

Of course, you can’t secure OT the same way as IT. But why? That’s because these two have different ways of security.

OT environments have networks, technologies, and business priorities. And it’s different from It environments. Thus, you need to address it with its security efforts.

Additionally, cybersecurity incidents may have different results for OT environments. So, to protect OT networks, you need tools and skillsets for OT environments.

Because of that, they turn to threat detection services. And thus combining OT expertise with security for OT environments.

So this is where the partnership between Claroty and Rockwell shows its importance.

Securing The Operational Technology

Detection and response are important for the new approach. The same goes with recovery to threats. 

For instance, IT uses active network monitoring to detect threats. This adds traffic to your network. As a result, it disrupts critical OT communications.

Additionally, traditional IT tools may not understand with protocols used by OT equipment. So, what can help you avoid these problems? Well, use of leading threat detection tools.

Claroty has visibility and threat-detection. Because of that, it helps in identifying assets, profile network communications, and vulnerabilities. Yes, all of that without disrupting communications.

Furthermore, it creates a holistic OT security solution. So you can manage vulnerabilities.

Protect What You Connect

Rockwell Automation and Claroty’s traits prove to be effective. Especially for the OT environment. So, when these two combine, they can support securing OT environments.

Rockwell has threat detection services as well as remote access capabilities. Meanwhile, Claroty has OT visibility and threat detection software.

Thus, their combination help companies around the world. Especially for strengthening their OT cybersecurity.

Defend What You Know

Claroty helps Rockwell strengthen the security of its products. And their efforts also go well beyond joint offerings.

Additionally, Claroty shares their research with Rockwell. On the other hand, Rockwell has its Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).

PSIRT reveals vulnerability information from all researchers. Thus, helping you to defend your assets.

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