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Context Information Security Solutions

Context Information Security offers solutions to improve information security. In fact, they are one of the leading security firms worldwide.

Context started in 1998. But in March 2020, Accenture merged with Context.

For many years, Context helps companies and organizations. So, they can avoid security incidents. 

They also identify common security threats. So, companies can fight against them.

But, why do we need strong information security?

Today, we face security threats in the information. So, we need to do something to fight against these threats.

How can Context Information Security help? Read on to learn more.

Context Information Security

Context primarily offers the following to clients:

  • Forensic investigation
  • Infrastructure testing
  • Cyber defense
  • Application security

Overall, they can help when a company experiences a security incident. They also help test security systems if they are strong enough to fight threats.

Through the years, they work with any industry. And it includes:

  • government agencies
  • public sector
  • blue chip companies

To make that possible, they have a wide array of security solutions. It includes:

  • Threat assessment
  • Threat management
  • Red team services
  • Security architecture and design
  • Cyber risk management
  • Penetration tests
  • Product security evaluation
  • Incident management and response
  • Security research

Now, let us discuss these solutions in detail.

Context Information Security Solutions

Companies have security policies to follow. Fortunately, Context can also help them with that.

So, in this article, we will talk about the following security solutions:

  1. Cyber Risk Management
  2. Cyber Defense
  3. Testing and Assurance
  4. Research Consultancy

Cyber Risk Management

Today, there are so many types of threat actors in infosec. So, we need to find ways to secure our information.

Context’s Cyber Risk Management can do the following:

  • detect the threats in your company
  • apply security steps
  • review vulnerabilities
  • report risks
  • respond to breaches

They also help companies make sure that they have security policies. So, they will not face penalties and breaches.

Once the security is strong, they help manage threats on their own. So, they can take precautions for incidents.

Finally, they have solutions that track the steps of the hacker. So, companies can report this to the authorities.

Cyber Defense

To keep threats away, Context helps in keeping strong security systems. So, the company can avoid these from the first place.

Cyber Defense by Context also has the following subtypes:

  • Threat hunting – trace the hacker. So, the company can investigate more on what happened.
  • Incident management – help companies manage the damages. So, they can easily recover from the loss. They can also respond to breaches.
  • Security advisory – trains employees to give security awareness. So, they will know more about what they can do.

Testing and Assurance

Context also tests the company’s security systems. So, they will know if it is strong enough to fight threats. It also helps companies know more about how they can improve.

These tests include the following:

  • Mobile apps and device security
  • Cloud Security assessment
  • Configuration reviews

Research Consultancy

Context also offers consultancy to companies. Especially those that don’t have their security team.

To do that, they have the following services:

  • protocol analysis
  • reverse engineering
  • vulnerability research
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