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Cyber Security Solutions: Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will learn about cyber security solutions. Also, we’ll consider how it can help your company.

Read on to learn more.

Cyber Security Solutions

What are the best cyber security solutions for your company? Try to think about your answer for one minute.

But, guess what? Studies show that more than 679 new malware variants may have been created in that one minute alone. In fact, 2016 had 357 million new malware variants.

Now, cybersecurity is more of a global problem. The number of threats out there is ever-increasing. So, we should have protections in place.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop every threat. But, we can do something to reduce those risks. 

With that, cybersecurity solutions can help. But, which ones would be the best for your company to use?

The Best Cyber Security Solutions

There are a lot of choices. But here are some of the most important ones.

  1. Security Patch Management Schedule
  2. Intrusion Detection Systems
  3. Managed Cybersecurity Solutions and Services
  4. Multi-Layered Firewalls

Security Patch Management Schedule

How important are security patches? It’s so vital that a lot of breaches could’ve been prevented if companies didn’t miss them.

Yes, patches can stop attacks from being carried out. For example, the Equifax breach in 2017 happened in mid-May. 

Yet, a patch available in March could have stopped the attackers from entering the vulnerability. So, Equifax had two months in between. 

Security patches are like covers to the security holes. If not applied, attackers can enter that. So, if companies have a security patch management schedule, they can also prevent many attacks.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

IDS might not stop an attack itself. But, it can help detect attempts of intrusion. 

It can also alert your IT response team whenever a breach occurs. Without these, hackers can freely reign over your data.

And in case a breach already happened, you can know how the attacker got in. It can also detect the files they got and what they did. So, you can take action and prevent it from happening again.

Some detection systems can even make automated protective measures. So, it can stop an attack in progress.

For example, intrusion prevention systems offer extra layer defense. So, it fights against intrusion attempts.

Managed Cyber Security Solutions and Services

There are also cybersecurity companies that can work with other businesses. So, you can minimize your security risks.

They offer solutions that include:

  • Security Audits and Assessments. It uses security policy reviews and testings. So, it can assess a company’s internal and external security vulnerabilities
  • IT Security Staffing. Cybersecurity firms give access to cybersecurity experts and teams. So, they can give instant access to a robust security team.
  • Security Architecture/Solution Implementations. Security firms can also help companies choose and apply solutions. This offer includes many processes that review a company’s security architecture.

Multi-Layered Firewalls

If an attacker is already on the company’s network, you should try to minimize the damage. And if possible, you should slow the attacker down until you can get the access back.

To this, adding tools such as multi-layered firewalls can help. It can filter requests for every application that a hacker tries to get into.

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