Cybersecurity Attack Using Malware

Cybersecurity Attack Using Malware is Rising

Cybersecurity attack using malware is now rising fast. But did you know it has various types? And how can you know these types of malware?

Let us dig deeper into this article.

Cybersecurity Attack Using Malware: Various Types


Perhaps the most known type of malware. Most people call every malware program a virus. But not malware is a virus.

A virus changes other legitimate host files. So, when your file is opened, the virus is also opened. Then, it infects other files and it is hard to clean up

But pure viruses are now uncommon. Yet, once your computer gets infected, even the best antivirus struggle with removing it.


A computer worm is self-replicating. So, when you open a wormed email, you can compromise your company’s system.

It can cause a lot of damage because it can spread without any action needed. It exploits other files to do the dirty work.


Trojans pretends like a legitimate program. But they have malicious instructions. To do its work, you will need to open an email or pushed to you via infected websites.

Also, it is hard to defend against trojans. Why? Because of two reasons:

  • they are easy to write
  • they spread by tricking users. Which cannot be stopped by firewalls and other defenses.


What is ransomware? It encrypts your data then holds it hostage. As the name suggests, it then asks for a ransom in the form of cryptocurrency to release your data.

Most ransomware is trojans. Meaning, they can enter your system via social engineering. Then, once the hacker gets into your system it watches you for a few hours.

Then, it deletes your other backups. And it calculates how much ransom you can afford. Once in, it can be hard to get out without any damage.


You must feel thankful if the only malware you have come in contact with is adware. These are unwanted and malicious advertising.

Once you click this, it may redirect you to a look-alike web page. One that has other product promotions.


This is not the same as adware. Malvertising uses legitimate ads to attach malware to it. Then, once clicked, it can either drive you to a malicious website.

Or deliver malware to your computer. In some cases, you do not even need to do anything. The malware in the ad will automatically execute.


Spyware is mostly used by people who want to check the computer activities of loved ones. But hackers will also use this to spy on prominent people.

But along with adware, spyware is one of the easiest malware to remove. Because it is not as damaging as others.

Cybersecurity Attack Using Malware: Finding and Removing

The bad thing is, it is hard to find and remove each malware program. It is easy to get it wrong and miss an area.

So, if you are not trained in malware removal and forensics, you can do the basic steps:

  • back up the data
  • format the drive
  • reinstall the programs and data
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