Cybersecurity breaches 2018

Cybersecurity Breaches 2018 Updates


Cybersecurity breaches 2018 compromised the personal information of millions around the world.

Additionally, some of the biggest victims were Quora, Google, and T-Mobile.

Besides, Facebook even experienced a data breach. And it affected more than 29 million accounts.

Here are the biggest cybersecurity breaches in 2018.

Cybersecurity Breaches in 2018

British Airways

Last August 2018, a breach attacked British Airways. The breach happened when a cybercriminal hacked the airline’s website and app. Thus, it affected bookings and exposed payments.

As a result, it affected the card payments of more than 380,000 clients.


According to the government’s official statement, hackers broke into the health database in a “deliberate, targeted, and well-planned” attack.

Thus, it exposed 1.5 million names and addresses in the database. It also exposed some patient’s medical history.


Last August 2018, T-Mobile announced a data breach incident. They also reported that hackers accessed their servers through an API. Thus, it disclosed about 2 million data.

Also, disclosed data include encrypted passwords and account numbers. It also compromised billing information and email addresses of users.

Saks and Lord & Taylor

A data breach attacked Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor stores. Gemini Advisory announced that it was hacked by a hacking group called JokerStash.

Additionally, it exposed more than 5 million credit and debit card numbers. Also, these hackers put up private information for sale.

Cathay Pacific Airways

In March 2018, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Dragon Airlines revealed a major data breach. It affected the data of 9.4 million passengers.

Moreover, these data include:

  • 860,000 passport numbers
  • 245,000 Hong Kong identity card numbers,
  • 403 expired credit card numbers
  • 27 credit card numbers without CVV 
  • names and nationalities of the passengers
  • birthdates
  • telephone numbers
  • email and physical addresses
  • historical travel information


Timehop is a social media memory application. A breach hit the app for seven months. It started in December 2017 until July 2018.

It happened when attackers accessed their cloud computing account. Also, they revealed that this account is not protected by multifactor authentication.

Thus, it affected 21 million user information. It included the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the users.


A hacker called “IsHaKdZ” exploited the website’s database. The breach happened last May 2018.

The breach compromised 27 million clients’ information. It includes the names and addresses. It also exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of the clients.


From July 2017-September 2018, Facebook experienced a data breach. Hackers scraped users’ data.

Also, hackers accessed digital keys. These keys or access token enabled them full access to the accounts.

It affected 29 million users of the social network site. The compromised data include:

  • locations
  • contact details
  • relationship status
  • recent searches
  • devices used to log in


Chegg is known for its online tutoring service. It also offers textbook rentals services.

But, a group of hackers gained access to the company’s database. This breach happened from April 2018 to September 2018.

Moreover, it exposed 40 million users’ data, such as:

  • names
  • email addresses
  • shipping addresses
  • account usernames
  • account passwords
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