Cybersecurity Example

Cybersecurity Example: Applying Cybersecurity Measures

Applying cybersecurity measures is very important to survive today’s slippery cybersecurity landscape. However, not everyone applies cybersecurity example right. So in this article, we will consider some examples of cybersecurity measures and how to apply them right.

Cybersecurity Example: Applying Cybersecurity Measures for Businesses 

1. Security Awareness

Cybersecurity training is always a great example of cybersecurity measures. However, many organizations neglect this measure. In fact, security awareness training doesn’t cost much but can save millions in losses.

2. Security Awareness Training

One of the easiest cybersecurity measures is just to be aware of the risks. The best way to do it is to have security awareness training for your employees. Good training will help your employees to avoid risks and act in a secure way.

3. Security Updates and Patches

Some examples of good cybersecurity measures are updates and patches. Companies should always update their software since some software vendors release patches and updates for known vulnerabilities. This is one of the simplest ways to protect your systems from attacks.

4. Security Measures Budget

Another example of good cybersecurity measures is having a security budget. You can use this budget to purchase security products for your organization as well as pay for employee security awareness training.

5. Security Monitoring

Another important example of cybersecurity measures is a good security monitoring system. It will help you to detect threats and intrusions in time to react properly and avoid major losses. A good system will monitor all activities on your network, including user activities such as unauthorized logins, file changes, etc. so that you can detect any suspicious activity right away.

6. Software Security Testing

You should also test all your software with security testing tools before using them in production environments or releasing them into the market. There are many free tools that can help you detect issues with your software before it becomes a serious problem or even a vulnerability that hackers can use against you. 

However, not all tools are free but they are worth the investment if they can save you from future problems related to software vulnerabilities or known threats that could compromise your product’s quality and users’ information privacy and safety.

Why is it Important to Apply these Cybersecurity Measures?

In today’s threat landscape, it is very important to apply cybersecurity measures right. Threats are everywhere and many of them are hard to detect or protect against. However, by applying these cybersecurity measures, you can reduce the risk of your organization being targeted or even compromised.

1. It protects

It reduces the risk of your organization being compromised or attacked. Also, it protects your data and your reputation with customers, partners, and investors. It also protects your employees from being targeted by cybercriminals or even from getting their credentials and private information stolen.

2. It saves you money

Applying these cybersecurity measures can save you from losing a lot of money in case of a successful attack. 

For example, when an attack succeeds, it takes at least 30 days to detect it, another 30 days to analyze it, and up to 90 days to clean it out and restore the system to a healthy state. 


Cybersecurity measures are very important to protect your organization and its data against attacks. However, not many organizations apply the correct cybersecurity measures right. So if you want to protect your business, you need to learn about cybersecurity measures and put them into practice.

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