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Cybersecurity Lessons Learned in a Post-COVID-19 World

What are the top cybersecurity lessons we can learn in a post-COVID-19 world? Let’s find out. 

Cybersecurity In a Post-COVID-19 World

The pandemic certainly turned the world upside down. It also changed our personal lives. From how we work to how we eat food from restaurants to meeting with friends. 

So, what’s the unifying factor of all of it is transformation? One word: Online. Now, we spend time more than ever being online. 

That’s why cybersecurity is more important than it’s ever been. But, why is it more essential now? 

Cybersecurity Lessons 

We’re online more

As mentioned, we rely on being online now. We also feel that we have more free time. 

Employees use collaboration tools using the cloud online. Even students switch to online classes. 

But, that also means that we are more vulnerable to cyber threats. Hackers also develop more sophisticated attacks. 

So, it’s more important than ever to improve cybersecurity now. As companies, they usually have robust security policies already. 

But, individuals should also take basic steps. And the good place to start is to set up multi-factor authentication on your accounts. 

We depend on the internet more 

Because of the COVID-19, we are limited to go outside. And even if things are back to normal in some countries, many still adopted online options

For example, we shop online more. From clothes to food and even paying using contactless options. 

With that, we should also be careful with e-commerce cyber scams. Today, there is a rise in fake online stores and fake shipping notices. 

We’re our own IT team 

Many workers, rely on an IT team to protect their networks and devices. But that can only happen and offices. 

Now that we work from home, we may not have the support unlike before. So, you’ve become your own IT team in a sense. 

That means that you have to take steps to protect yourself against attack. For example, you should update your systems and applications regularly. 

And even as simple as changing your default password to protect your home wi-fi network. 

We’re more susceptible to tricks 

It’s natural to be more stressed during a pandemic. Because of the crisis, we are more stressed about our families and our health. 

It can also affect how we focus and process information. So, it makes it more difficult for us to recognize a scam or even detect a lie. 

Sadly, cybercriminals know this. So, they take advantage of our situation and trick us. That’s why we see a rise in pandemic-related scams. 

For instance, hackers pretend as health authorities or government agencies. Then, they send messages about a positive test result. They do this to trick you into giving up your personal information.

It’s completely understandable why people would become victims of these scams. But, what can you do to avoid it? 

You can start by knowing how you can recognize the signs of a phishing scam. Then, always be wary of the links and files you click on emails.

Final Thoughts on Cybersecurity Lessons

Our lives have changed drastically because of the pandemic. But there’s one thing that never changed. 

And it’s that cybersecurity was and still important to everyone. Whether it’s for companies or individuals.

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