Cybersecurity Month 2019

Cybersecurity Month 2019 Best Safety Tips

In October, cybersecurity awareness is observed. Here are the cybersecurity month 2019 safety tips.

In this article, we will consider 2019’s cybersecurity month awareness theme. And the safety cyber practices along with it.

Cybersecurity Month 2019

Again, October is always a perfect month to spread cyber health awareness. Most especially, employees in an organization benefit fully from this. Thus, it is true how enough knowledge serves enough protection.

2019’s theme for Cybersecurity Awareness Month is ‘Own It. Secure It. Protect It’.  The theme encourages how each can have their share in overall wellness. Even if it’s true, that an organization can implement security policies. But, the whole system benefits when each plays its part.

Let us discuss the 2019’s theme in more detail.

  • Own It- this appeals to each user. It is highly advisable to understand each one’s digital profile and risks. If each knows his share in risks and vulnerabilities. Then it shall compel each to have a share in safety.
  • Secure It- again, this addresses the user. That is, to secure his own devices and profile for better protection.
  • Protect It- this inspires protection by continuous maintenance of privacy settings. Seemingly small steps of protection take a big leap of security.

These three build up the whole Cybersecurity Awareness Month of 2019. However, in this article, we will highlight more tips relevant to this.

Cyber Safety Tips

Remote Network Protection

What a comfort it is to work at home or in coffee shops. This frees someone from the stressful environment a typical workplace brings.

However, comfortable it may seem, but risks come into play too. For instance, an employee works in a coffee shop. He connects to its network, a public wi-fi network. This may sound accessible.

But, in reality, it exposes more cyber risks. This proves to be true and reasonable. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2019. It reports that more than 60% of businesses today permit remote working arrangements. 

So whichever is the case, whether you work remotely or office-based. Always choose to be cyber-smart. Protect It. Consider these practical steps you can take.

  • Ensure secure websites (with https://)
  • Connect over password-protected Wi-Fi networks
  • Make use of VPN connections

Take Note Of That Phishy Email

Being the most widely used means of business correspondence. Email is also being seized by cybercriminals to enter networks. And inject their malicious threats.

Always remember: it only takes a click to disrupt your company’s network. The report about phishing attacks doubles two-fold each year. Thus, there’s a need for constant awareness.

Each can do his part to secure it. Consider the following practical steps each can make.

  • Examine every email you receive and beware before clicking links
  • Always verify sources before trusting your clicks
  • Have phishing awareness programs and training to equip employees

Social-Media Smart

Social media is widely used today. Thus, each should be wary of using it. Know that a single click could expose the company’s information.

Thus, own it.

Have guidelines about social media use for the company. Always be cautious about whether to post company happenings or not.

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