Cybersecurity Technology

Cybersecurity Technology: Top Used Today

Each year, a new kind of cybersecurity technology rises. Also, each one is improving as time goes by. And that is only right. Why?

Because cybercriminals are not showing any signs of stopping. In fact, their approach is becoming more sophisticated.

So, we also need to keep up. But how can we face them without the right tools? Thus, we need to be aware of the technologies we can use.

What are these? Keep on reading to know more.

Cybersecurity Technology: Top Used Today

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a game-changer in cybersecurity. Many companies are now using it to strengthen their security further. Why?

Because AI can analyze your systems deeper. Then, it can track your real-time activities and analyze each small action.

Thus, helping you keep out of threats. For example, it can detect “deepfake” tech that hackers use to pretend as someone else.

Further, with the help of machine learning, your system can be stronger. How? Once an attack happens, it will learn from it. Then, it will keep it from happening again.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). This is now going beyond the finance and banking sector. Because many sectors are now seeing its value. Why?

Because DLT gives the transparency you need. So, you can see the history of digital assets. Also, these assets are distributed. Not copied.

So, when you share a file with others, it is not transferred or copied. It is only distributed. Thus, all can have access to the shared file at the same time.

Then, they can make changes to it in real-time. And these changes are recorded for all to see. As a result, everyone can keep track of its changes. So, it results in transparency.

Hardware Authentication

One of the best practices for cybersecurity is having this installed. Why? Because hardware authentication can give better security. More than passwords and SMS pin codes.

Further, these devices have different levels of security. You can even choose from these:

  • fingerprint scans
  • voice recognition
  • facial recognition
  • palm biometrics

Pretty neat, right? If you choose one of these, you can open new doors to security.

Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN)

Have you heard of MIM? Or the Man-in-the-Middle attack? this attack can be hard to detect. Once in, hackers can control the messages you sent and receive.

Then, they can now crack encrypted data. Yikes! Sounds dangerous, right? But this is where VDN comes to the rescue. How?

It breaks down each message. Then, encrypts each part. After, it will program them on different PCs, laptops, servers, etc. So, there is now a lower risk of facing MIM attacks.

Further, it increases the speed and performance of your device. Why? Because the traffic is dispersed.

Cybersecurity Technology

So, these are the top cybersecurity technologies today. Yes, they are proving to be so much help to many. They are now a valuable security member.

How about your company? Which ones of these do you already have? What other techs do you have that are outside this list?

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