cybersecurity terms

Cybersecurity Terms

Keeping up with cybersecurity terms is as important as ever today. Because hackers are growing and they are becoming more competitive. 

What, then, are some important terms you want to understand? Read on to know more.

Cybersecurity Terms: Data


Software is programs that give guidance to your computer. Also, it orders what it should do. 

Like make a folder, open a media, and more. And to use this software, you will need to put it first. 

You should recognize this if you have a computer. Besides, it adds your Microsoft Office, Spotify, Chrome, and more.


This is not the cloud that you can see in the skies. Well, this is a part of the technology. 

Cloud computing is a technology that lets you save and reach your files over the internet. There are cloud-based sets like Zoom. 

This kind of technology can keep you the need to get large-capacity area devices in your company. 

Fire Wall

Most machines today now have a pre-installed firewall. This is a technology that prevents the dangerous lines out in your system.

The most popular type of firewall is software-based. But there are also hardware-based ones to your firm.


This is a term used in cybersecurity before that you may have previously heard. Exploit centers on the use of a wicked application or text to make use of a device’s vulnerability.

Data Breach

What happened when hackers strongly used a machine is called a data breach. So this means scanning, copying, theft, or removing your important files.

Many big firms have already been a fool of a data breach or two. Besides, most of the era, it takes them millions of dollars. 


A botnet is a software purpose or script that follows a lead. With this, it lets hackers manage a computer or website remotely. The hacker that manages it is often named a “bot-herder”.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

What is a DDoS? This is a different form of cyber attack. Its main purpose is for websites to give them unusable. How does it operate to your company?

It will drown a website with hateful traffic or data from various sources. Most of the time, botnets.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Firms today prefer to let their workers use VPN. Especially for those operating from home. What is a VPN?

This is a device that will hide your area and will encrypt transactions. So, you can surf the network anonymously.


What is a hacker’s ideal way of engaging unsuspecting victims? Phishing. This is a social organization that will act as a legit business.

Most of the time, hackers will give an email from a committed bank, an employer, or whatnot. Then, it will have a devotion. 

Once clicked, it may deliver malware. Or will ask you delicate items like passwords, bank parts, and more.


Malware is an example of hateful software that hackers use. There are many sorts of malware. Some of these are:

  • worms
  • viruses
  • trojans
  • adware
  • malvertising
  • ransomware
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