Cybersecurity vs Network Security

Cybersecurity vs Network Security

Cybersecurity vs network security. Both deal with a similar subject, security. But what does each term mean? And how do they differ?

In this modern world, we rely more on our devices to work, play, and more. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to their security.

But how can you do so if you are not familiar with various security terms? Thus, in this article, we will get to know two of them.

So, keep on reading to know more.

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What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a common word nowadays. This is a subset of information security (Infosec). One that spans across all areas of cyberspace.

Its main goal is to keep the integrity of your networks, devices, and programs. May it be from damage, attacks, or unauthorized access.

Further, it involves processes, technologies, and techniques. All combined to keep hackers out. Also, there are measures, policies, and controls in place.

This aims to lessen the chance of any cyberattacks happening. What are some of these attacks? Here are some:

  • Phishing. An email may pose as a legit one from your bank. Then, it will attach a URL or a file. When you open it, it launches malicious codes that can harm your computer.
  • Ransomware. May also start as a phishing attack. Once clicked, you may get locked out of your data or device. To get your access back, hackers may ask for ransom via digital currency.

What is Network Security?

Network security. This is a subset of cybersecurity. This one deals with keeping the integrity of your networks and programs. May it be from hacking or unauthorized access.

Also, it keeps your company’s IT infrastructure from all kinds of cyber threats. As well as other assets that you can access in your networks.

Some crucial things to do are putting up:

  • intrusion detection systems
  • firewalls
  • encryption
  • digital certificates
  • access controls
  • application security

So, what are the key difference between the two?

Cybersecurity vs Network Security

These are its key differences:


  • Definition. Protecting all your systems that are connected to the internet from any attacks. This also covers networks, devices, data, programs, and more.
  • Security. This focuses on any attacks from the outside going inside the walls of your company. Also, it defends it from all kinds of digital attacks. As well as online threats like viruses.
  • Data. Keeping its integrity is very critical. It focuses on it more.
  • Experts. They focus on protection, detection, and recovery. Also, they keep track of incoming and outcoming traffic.

Network Security

  • Definition. Protecting all that is in your network from misuse and hacking. As well as any unauthorized access.
  • Security. It defends your company from any threats in the network. Meaning, focusing on keeping peace within your walls. 
  • Data. Data is also crucial. But focuses more on the network itself.
  • Experts. Focuses on keeping networks safe. Also, secures information assets. Financial, confidential, employee, and more.

So, do you now know the two? Are you still confused? Getting to know them is one good step to be more aware of security.

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