FireEye: Hillary Cybersecurity Speaker

FireEye: Hillary Cybersecurity Speaker

Hillary Clinton, the former State Secretary, invited as the FireEye Cybersecurity speaker in a conference for Cybersecurity Companies.

FireEye, Inc. replied on Friday about the choice of the company to encourage former Clinton, the Secretary of State, to speak at their Cyber Defense Summit 2019.

FireEye: Hillary Cybersecurity Speaker Clarification

“I probably ask by answering, but the meaning is significant. I’m not protecting or communicating that decision. Furthermore, everybody in politics should be a lightening worker in today’s culture,” said Wes Simons, Saturday, FireEye’s Vice President for Distribution, Global Resources, and Intelligence.


The keynote address of Clinton revealed in posts on the different social media pages of the organization on Thursday.

“We are happy to report that Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State, included in our # FireEyeSummit in October!”

Besides, “Read the commercial. The keynote Q&A will address Secretary Clinton with [CEO] Kevin Mandia.”

FireEye: Hillary Cybersecurity Speaker Criticism

Social networking users easily criticized and had fun on Twitter and Facebook and replied with almost 23,000 commentaries.

Most of those replies mentioned Clinton as a key concern in 2016 for hosting official state department messages on a private unsecured website — featuring confidential material — as the secretary. Later, the network cleared away by the staff of Clinton at the legislative summons.


Accenture CEO Tammy Moskites was a political official reacted by condemning FireEye ‘s choice of Clinton on LinkedIn and triggering Simons ‘s public clarification.

Who was worried about protection and wanted to use her as the keynote? @FireEye, Inc.   ” You got marketing for choosing the speaker–but not from the protection group, “Moskites said.


Simons tried to clarify the company’s reason by offering the spot to Clinton. 
Furthermore, FireEye welcomed several former state secretaries to give speeches on cybersecurity threats victims. The choice of the organization was not politically driven.

FireEye: Hillary Cybersecurity Speaker Explanation

FireEye welcomed previous speakers of Secretary of State (i.e. Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell in past years, etc).

“We supported several people who have an interest in or who had been victims of cyber assaults in the past (I.e. last year’s Frank Blake from Home Depot),” stated Simons.

Further Clarification

Simons continued that it is his assumption that the question-and-answer style would make hard questions turn to an informative dialogue, rather than merely following scripted attack lines from Clinton.

“If we look at the incident in these two lenses, it seems to be a rational position for our CEO to have her do a question and answer (she does not respond with preparations).,”The controversial political prism tends, yet, to be more prevalent in today’s overtly political society.”

Editorial Comment

Even so, the executive noticed that its meaning did not indicate any support or dissatisfaction with the choice.
“Once again, do not agree or disagree with the comments, as everyone has the right to express their opinions, but wishes to give some background.”

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