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Guide for Cybersecurity Fresh Graduate

You might have a lot of questions as a cybersecurity fresh graduate entering the workforce. This article tells what you need to know to land a job. 

What To Expect As a Cybersecurity Fresh Graduate

As you’ve probably heard many times before, cybersecurity offers plenty of opportunities for individuals with the right skills. The demand for cybersecurity professionals has already been great even before the pandemic started. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has opened more doors for individuals who want to start a career in cybersecurity. 

An ISACA survey revealed that 61% of respondents said they have understaffed teams. Meanwhile, 55% said that they had unfilled cybersecurity positions. Moreover, the same study reported that 53% of respondents had difficulty recruiting talent. Why? 

Recent studies showed that many employers focus on recruiting the perfect candidate. However, there are not enough of those individuals to go around. Instead, the best thing to do is to hire and invest in people with skills that will fit your culture. 

A background in IT is still crucial in landing a job. However, how can you have that if you are a cybersecurity fresh graduate? Gain the necessary experience by grabbing internship opportunities or other relevant part-time work. 

The real-world environment will teach you to cope up with the rapid pace – something that schools cannot teach. Moreover, new tools and innovations are introduced so fast that you can only experience them in live environments. This will certainly give you an edge over other candidates.

Certain Skills 

Certifications are also crucial in landing a job in the field. Yet, security professionals still have varying opinions on which ones matter the most. Abhijit Ghosh, the co-founder of security firm Confluera, noted that he prefers the CEH certificate. Ghosh believes that CEH holders can think outside the box. 

Highlighting your understanding of hacking tools and techniques is indeed crucial. However, hack-a-thons and catch-the-flag competitions do not really depict the real cybersecurity scenario. Keep in mind that in the real world, you must respond in real-time to an attack-in-progress. Certifications prove you have what it takes to protect the company’s data. 

Moreover, you need to understand how the industry continues to change. The methods that hackers use continually change.

An (ISC)2  report revealed that cloud security is the most important skill for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Moreover, the same report found that problem-solving is the main soft skill that every cybersecurity professional must possess. 

Find What’s Right for You

As a cybersecurity fresh graduate, you must also consider what kind of company you want to join. It is best to work with companies that use the latest technologies. Moreover, the best companies provide new hires mentoring and a chance to grow. 

The COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation. This has made the need for cybersecurity professionals skyrocket. Look for companies that have the latest stack like cloud computing. Moreover, companies that use the latest technologies enable employees to practice their analytical skills. As result, you will not be stuck in a boring routine all day. 

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