Information Security Policies Templates

Information Security Policies Templates Sample

Uncover different information security policies templates. 

What Is An Information Security Policy?

An information security policy aims to secure a company’s data from any malicious intruders or breaches. This policy should contain both the practices and procedures, for instance.

Developing an information security policy is integral in keeping a cybersecurity program.

Why Is Information Security Policy Important?

Basically, to maintain and upkeep the company’s information security. Besides, threats can come of any sort. Both external or internal, for instance.

Why is this important?

Do you know that 91% of cyber attacks came from phishing emails? Even though this type of attack seems basic and obvious. But uneducated employees can easily fall into a trap.

Although employees surely do not want to put their company at risk. But any innocent click can lead to an enterprise-wide attack.

A policy should help employees within a company beware. Moreover, a documented policy should help them take security seriously. Because fines and penalties can be incurred upon any violation.

Adding to a well-documented policy should be training sessions and awareness programs. Through this, employees shall be knowledgeable enough of the value of information security.

How To Write An Effective Information Security Policy?

Writing an information security policy should be both overwhelming and daunting. The officer might be intimidated by the implementation. While at the same time, he may be anxious about achieving company goals and purpose.

However, writing an effective information security policy should never be a daunting task. With the help of guiding questions, this should be easy.

Consider the following guiding questions that you can consider when writing.

  • Who does what, when, and why?
  • Who gets access to what?
  • What is the penalty for ‘such’ violation?
  • What are the compliance requirements?

Information Security Policies Templates

Now you know enough of the purpose of an information security policy. Here are some of the information security policies templates.

Acceptable Encryption Policy

  • Provides guidance that limits the use of encryption
  • It also makes sure that usage is in compliance with Federal laws. Most particularly, in the use of encryption technologies.

Acceptable Use Policy

  • It provides guidance to employees about the acceptable use of computer devices on premises.
  • Appropriate use should help the company and employees stay protected.
  • On the other hand, otherwise should welcome viruses, compromises, and further legal issues.

Clean Desk Policy

  • A ‘clean desk’ should not leave any sensitive and critical data on-site. Other information or data involves intellectual property data, customer data, and vendor data.
  • This policy is also in line with ISO 27001/17799
  • Basically, the ‘clean desk policy’ is part of standard privacy controls.

Data Breach Response Policy

  • The goal is to clearly set goals and vision of a breach response process
  • The policy should also clearly define to whom it applies and under what circumstances
  • Easy access to policy should be ensured. Most especially to employees working in the field of data privacy and security protection

Disaster Recovery Plan Policy

  • It defines the requirements of a baseline disaster recovery plan
  • Should well define the steps to take to recover IT systems, applications, and Data
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