Modern Days Cyber Threats and Security

In our life, the Internet and computers have become inseparable. But, we should also know about cyber threats and security. 

Nowadays, by any means, we connect to the internet. Through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Gadgets that we used for storing information. Also, in booking tickets, online banking, and shopping. As well as connecting to our friends and playing games.

 Technologies made our life easier. Networks today simplified the means of communication. Also, provided opportunities in almost all fields. But, threats and challenges connected using these networks. 

Most Common Cyber Threats and Security


Any illegal business is done with the use of the internet. For example, identity theft. A kind of act where somebody steals the email ID or password of others. So, they can send fake emails to people. Contains product fake information or winning the lottery. 

Main categories of cybercrime:

  1. Crime against a person – a threat that causes harm to an individual. As a result, it can commit in many forms. Like for example: 
  • Cyberstalking. The victim can experience harassment. By posting false details about him. Also, threatening the family’s victim.   
  • Cyber Bullying. Includes threatening messages. Also, spreading rumors about the person. For example, posting on social network embarrassing photos. Resulting in hurting someone. 
  1. Crime against property – using the internet, criminals find ways to steal. Especially in the cyber world. Like a person’s bank details. They can easily steal and withdraw money from it. Let’s take some examples. 
  • Identity theft – stealing someone’s information. As well as, misusing it. 
  • Phishing – an act of sending a user an email. But, misleading him. Resulting in the user to believe that it comes from a trusted person. 
  • Pharming – installing a computer malicious code. As a result, misdirects users to fraudulent websites without their knowledge.   
  1. Crime against a society – a planned motivated attack. Causing disorder on the computer. It also causes panic. The example is: 
  • Transmitting virus – a set of programs. But, destroys data. Also, damages the normal function of the computer. It exists on a computer. However, it will infect if you run the malicious program

Security Against Threats

Technology designed to protect computer programs and networks. Therefore, attackers cannot cause damage or steal data. Including the use of the following: 

  • Anti-virus – a kind of computer program. So, computer viruses are easy to identify. It also helps to prevent and remove it.  
  • Firewalls – a security system. Protecting unauthorized users of your computer. Furthermore, it controls network traffic. 
  • Encryption software – a technique protecting your data. Especially for unauthorized access. Which may result in losing data privacy. 

In summary, learning cyber threats and security plays a big role. Especially in our modern days. Where a lot of people attached their life to the internet. Which also exposed us to attackers. Like hackers and other acts of cybercrime. 

Be more aware. Prevent, protect, and remove anything that causes problems. Don’t let others steal your personal information. Secure what belongs to you.

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