recent cybersecurity attacks

Most Recent Cybersecurity Attacks

Cybersecurity attacks are a growing threat to all of us. What are the recent cybersecurity attacks?

This article will help you know about the cybersecurity attacks in recent years.

But first, what is a cybersecurity attack?

Cybersecurity Attack: Definition

In simple words, a cybersecurity attack is something that attacks a computer system or network.

It also has many types, including:

  1. Malware
  2. Ransomware
  3. Phishing
  4. Man in the middle
  5. Cryptojacking
  6. DDoS or Denial of Service
  7. SQL injection
  8. Zero-day attacks

Now, we know about the definition of cyberattacks. We also know the common attacks.

Let us find out the recent cybersecurity attacks that hit the cyber world.

Recent Cybersecurity Attacks

Capitol One Breach

Capitol One is an online banking giant. But, in July 2019, hackers attacked their database.

Moreover, it exposed their clients’ private information. It includes:

  • credit card applications and accounts
  • birthdates
  • social security number

U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Perceptics

Hackers attacked the U.S. Customs through ransomware. Thus, they got access to the company’s servers. Then, they demanded money before giving back the data.

The stolen data was very important. It was stolen from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. Moreover, it involved photos of cars and drivers from CBP’s computers.

Citrix breach 

Citrix is a company that makes virtual private network, or VPN. VPN is known to protect internet connections. But, this protection became a victim.

In March 2019, a password spraying attack hit Citrix. Also, hackers forcedly entered the systems of the company. They used frequently used passwords like password123.

Fortunately, the company reported that the hackers didn’t access the deepest systems of Citrix.

Texas ransomware attacks

In August 2019, a single attacker used ransomware to attack computers in Texas. Besides, it hit 22 small towns in Texas.

Also, the attack halted government operations. Thus, they were not able to issue birth or death certificates.

The attacker demanded $2.5 million ransom in exchange for giving back the computer systems.


Ether is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Malicious hackers attacked this blockchain-based company. These hackers stole $7.4 million in Ether, in just minutes.

Thus, this incident caused doubts about the security of blockchain currencies.

Other Significant Attacks in 2020

Below are other cybersecurity attacks that happened this year.

In September 2020, a cyberattack caused a breach to the Norwegian parliament. So, it exposed the email accounts of several members and staff of the party.

Also, U.S. officials reported last August 2020 that North Korean hackers are hacking ATMs worldwide.

Moreover, officials from Ukraine reported a Russian hacking group. These hackers launched a phishing campaign. Unfortunately, they launched it during Ukraine’s independence day.

Besides that, Taiwan cited Chinese hackers. They hacked information systems of 10 government agencies. So, it exposed 6,000 emails of the citizens.


The recent cybersecurity attacks caused problems for many. It harms a company’s reputation. Also, it can break a country’s security of computer systems. Besides, it can cost a lot of financial damages.

Research warns against unprotected data. Also, poor security practices put your data at risk. Thus, to fight cyberattacks, we must promote cybersecurity awareness. 

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