Proactive Cyber Security

Proactive Cyber Security: Why Important?

Proactive cyber security is important, especially in this pandemic-stricken world? Why? And what does proactive cyber security mean?

Keep on reading to know more.

What is Proactive Cyber Security?

Proactive cyber security is defending against attacks before happening. Meaning, prevention is what you need to focus on.

What is the use of focusing on security after an attack? Nothing much. So, beefing up on your security must happen before attacks happen.

Yes, you can always get up after an attack. But is it not better for you not to experience the attack at all?

So, cyber security measures need to be done before an attack. What are some of these measures?

Proactive Cyber Security Measures

Network and Endpoint Monitoring

This is crucial. But it can be hard to do for us humans. So, how can you keep track of your networks and endpoints?

Today, there are already AI-driven automated programs. With this, it can check the system of any openings. Or it can spot any invasion attempts.

Then, it will notify your IT team in real-time. Thus, they can take all the needed steps to block all attempts and fix any gaps.

Also, there are techs like endpoint detection and response. It can detect new attacks with the help of:

As a result, you can keep attempted attacks from happening.

Thinking Like a Hacker

To keep hackers out, you need to think like one of them. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.

But that is not to say you will join their ill-plans. You only need to think like them so that you can see where they can get in your system.

Once you find the weak links, you can then find ways to fix them. As a result, your security measures can become stronger.

Threat Hunting

Once hackers get into their system, it is hard to keep them out. Some of them can stay undetected in your system for months.

Thus, letting them move around and exposing your valuable data. So, you need to do regular threat hunting.

What is this? It lets you look for present threats. Then, it lets you remove or fix the risks present before hackers can misuse your system.

Proactive Training

Another area you need to focus on is proactive training. Especially for your Security Operations Center (SOC) team members. Why?

Because they are the heart is your cyber defenses. So, they need to receive updated training. This is due to attacks becoming more and more sophisticated.

Yes, all these are vital:

  • tabletop exercises
  • presentations
  • certifications
  • tactical SOC exercises

But are your SOC ready to take on ransomware? What about SQL injection? To ensure they can handle these well, do immersive training.

Let them experience real-world attacks in a virtual setting. Then, train and help them solve these attacks.

Proactive Cyber Security is Crucial

So, these are the ways you can ensure proactive cyber security. Are you already doing these? What are some ways you are doing to be more proactive?

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