Cyber Awareness Month

The Cyber Awareness Month

A collaboration effort for industry and government the cyber awareness month is created. So let us learn more about this awareness month.

History Of The Cyber Awareness Month

The NCSA and U.S. DHS had started Cyber Awareness Month in October. It is to ensure that Americans will stay secured and more protected online. 

The first month of Cyber Awareness Month was focus on updating anti-virus software twice a year. As expected, the month is successful and grows because of the efforts of the NCSA and DHS.

Moreover, many have grown, such as the following: 

  • participation of plenitude of industry participants,
  • their customers,
  • their employees, also
  • college campuses
  • nonprofits and other associations

The theme month for 2009 and 2018 was “Our Shared Responsibility”. It is for the reflecting role of the following:

  • large enterprises
  • individual users

In the year 2010, the NCSA has started another launching. It is to take place in other countries.

And, it becomes successful in the following places, such as:

  • Seattle and Bellevue
  • WA
  • Ypsilanti
  • MI
  • NE
  • Omaha
  • MA
  • Boston
  • Nashville
  • Washington D.C.
  • TN

Moreover, in the year 2010, they start the campaign of Stop-Think-Connect. Also, it becomes part of President Obama’s proclamation.

It is for awareness messages and also a national cybersecurity education. 

In the year 2011, a weekly concept theme started. 

Cyber Awareness Month 2020 Theme Weekly Content

The concepts for weekly content will focus on encouraging the partners to build their areas. Also the relevance of the organizations.

October one and two: with the hashtag “BeCyberSmart”. This is the official kick-off for this month of awareness.

Everyone is invited to partake in Cyber Awareness Month 2020. The goal is to promote all the users to know their role in protecting their devices.

Week of October 5 the first week. It has the theme of “If you connect it, then protect it.” Know those network connections build bot opportunities and risk.

Moreover, this first week will highlight the ways of the following:

  • How internet-connected devices have influenced our daily lives?
  • How to empower us, as a user on our role in reducing risk.

Week Of October Twelve, Second Week. Ensuring devices at home and work. We have known that this year and the previous year has reported many disruptions about the following online areas:

  • Work
  • Learning
  • Socialization

So week two focuses on the protection of the internet, this is both professional or personal use.

Week Of October Nineteen or the Week Three. Securing the healthcare devices that are connected to the internets.

We are aware of the increase in healthcare relying on internet-connected devices. Moreover, this is an easy way to find a solution and improve the following:

  • patient acre
  • speed of crisis response
  • organizational efficiency
  • and many more

So the third-week focus on the industry of hospitals and other care offices. Also, in telemedicine patients.

Week of October Twenty-six or the week four: Connected Devices, it’s future.

So the final week of the awareness month is like visioning the future of the devices. The following are the example of what you should look forward:

  • Faster speeds
  • Data transmission
  • Also, continuous evolution in connected devices.
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