Army Cyber Security

The Importance of Army Cyber Security and Its Personnel

Army cyber security is vital for a country’s defense in this modern-day era.

But why is it so? And what does the job entail?

Why is it Important?

Cyber attacks from enemy forces do happen at times.

Therefore, army cyber security is vital to prevent this from happening. They defend the country from this form of attack by protecting military networks.

Army cyber security synchronizes and regulates cyber security requirements for safeguarding IT and information. It is to support the execution of army missions and vital functions.

It identifies what needs protecting under its direct control and management. And this includes people, processes, and information technologies.

What Does a Career in Army Cyber Security Mean?

An army cyber security personnel handles monitoring and examining threats. It also detects and responds to threats. Also, unauthorized activity in the cyberspace domain. 

Further, they are also responsible for

  • improving information systems and networks
  • performing vulnerability assessments
  • responding to incidents

So, these army security employees are key figures to the military. It’s because they give expertise for proper employment and support.

Additionally, they also direct the defense of strategic and tactical information networks.

To further defend the country’s cyber capabilities, they supervise information assurance programs. 

In fact, each of the army security personnel plays different roles. Some may

  • focus on a specific type of information system
  • coordinate with network and system administrators
  • ensure the security of the information networks

What are the Kinds of Training Needed?

One needs to complete a four-year college degree in computer science or any related field. For instance, this may include computer programming, computer engineering, and the likes.

After doing so, one may enter the military. 

Following the enlistment, one must complete the basic military training, such as:

  • training in the classroom and the field. 
  • tactical and survival skills
  • physical training
  • military life and customs
  • weapons training
  • covering responsibilities
  • military structure and etiquette
  • leadership development

An army cyber security personnel will also receive specialized and advanced training. All in relation to their field.

This includes training about

  • database design
  • computer networking
  • communications systems

All these skills are being improved through training in the classroom and on-the-job.

What Traits are Fit to be an Army Cyber Security Personnel?

One must be able to communicate. As this is a technical job at most, one must be able to understand and apply math concepts.

Additionally, interest in solving problems and accuracy will help him with the job. Also, attention to detail will also help him.

Having organizational and management skills is also helpful. It’s because this job requires being able to handle such a big network. 

Interest in cyber warfare, security techniques, and strategies. All these will make the personnel effective on the job. As with interest in technical work.


As we’re already in this technology era, a cyber-terrorist attack may also happen. This attack is effective and threatens a country’s peace and security. A country needs to give attention to its army cyber security. 

In doing so, they will prevent easy access to enemy forces into their system and networks. As a result, they will also prevent damage that may come with it. Truly, army cyber security personnel are vital in delivering the job.

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