Palo Alto Cyber Security

The Palo Alto Cyber Security, Know About

Learn about the global Palo Alto cyber security. How they deliver the innovation to ensure digital transformation.

Introduction About The Palo Alto Cyber Security

Palo Alto is a globally wide company in cyber security. Moreover, they already have over 75,000 clients in over 150 plus countries.

They have the mission of becoming your cybersecurity partner in this present up to the future. Moreover, they have been providing a digital way of life.

What Palo Alto does is driving innovation for a better future. Also, they provide the following:

  • Trusted intelligence
  • visibility
  • flexibility
  • automation

These following to provide a complex company and progressive security. Also, they are competitive in upbringing all your company security needs.

How? By doing the following:

  • Delivering a comprehensive portfolio
  • Empowering the growing ecosystem

Palo Alto Cyber Security Academy

So Palo Alto cyber security academy provides qualified institutions. Moreover, you can receive a free entree to the following:

  • curriculum
  • faculty training
  • virtual firewalls
  • hands-on labs

Therefore, how to apply to Palo Alto cyber security council?

  • Learn about the cybersecurity academy program guide. It consists of the following:
    • Program benefits
    • Resources
    • Restrictions
    • Know about the Terms and Recognitions of the PANW cybersecurity.
    • Enroll for faculty training to work in the Palo Alto cybersecurity academy.

Palo Alto Portfolio

So to secure your company it requires the correct strength in the right place.

  • Cloud Network Security

It might be challenging for networking and also security in a purpose-built cloud-delivered foundation that scales.

But the solution is SASE. This will help your company to meet the requirements of the following:

  • growing remote workforces
  • branch-out offices
  • Virtualized Firewalls

Challenge is finding cloud security that is flexible in the following:

  • data
  • users
  • applications

A solution for this is VM-series firewalls that able to secure your public and also private cloud. Also, secure the deployment with threat detection and segmentation.

  • Physical Firewalls

The challenge here is how to deliver consistency in the following:

  • protection across your entire network
  • to your headquarters or offices
  • mobile and remote workforce
  • branch offices also data centers

But here is the solution, the PA-series Next-Generation firewall for the hardware appliances. It is designed with the following:

  • automation
  • integration
  • simplicity
  • Containerized Firewalls

The challenge is preventing advanced network-based threats. 

Also, the solution is the PA-series Next-Generation container firewalls.

  • Network security management

Difficulties are completing visibility across multiple security deployments. Also, in the management consoles.

However, a solution is Panorama. So it gives a single place control to all Palo Alto Networks Firewalls.

Highlight Of Their Products

Cloud Network Security

  • Ensure the access SASE solution
  • Can protect the users and applications, also secure access, and data control from anywhere.
  • Good for a retail location, mobile, users, and offices.

Next-Generation Firewalls ML-Powered is works as the following:

  • Able to see everything including the Internet of Things
  • Stay in advance of unknown risk and threats
  • Lessen the mistakes using automatic policy guidance.

Panorama – Network Security Management

  • Increase the transparency into the threats and network-wide traffic
  • Less time-consuming using centralized management
  • Simplify the firewalls management

Security Services – Best of breed protection

  • Will deliver in the platform
  • Natively combined with the Next-Gen Firewalls
  • Machine learning
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