threats to information security

Threats to Information Security

Today, there are so many threats to information security. We also hear news about hacks and breaches almost every day.

But, why should we worry about that?

Knowing about the threats to information security is vital. So, we can also learn how to prevent them.

Now, what are these threats? Read on to learn more.

What Are Threats to Information Security?

What is the meaning of a threat?

A threat is anything that harms information. And hackers will do something to steal that.

Also, they may even try to change or remove this. So, it’s important to secure information. Or else, they will get access to it.

But how? One way is to know them. So, you can learn how to avoid and fight against threats.

So, what are these threats?

Types of Threats to Information Security

There are three main types of threats to information security. These are the following:

  1. Software attack
  2. Malware
  3. New generation threats

Software attack

The first type of threat is a software attack. But, what does it mean?

It is a serious threat to your applications. Once activated, it will infect your computer.

Software attacks also include the following:

  • virus
  • form
  • trojan horse


Second, malware is another threat. So, what is malware?

Malware is a short term for malicious software. So, it is an app but has malicious code. Then, it can infect your computer and files.

Also, it has two types:

  1. Malware of infection
  2. Malware of action

Let’s explain them more.

Malware of Infection

A malware of infection has four subtypes:

  1. Virus – copies itself to your files and apps. Then, it replicates itself and infects them.
  2. Worms – it also copies itself. But this time, from computer to computer. Then, it slows down your PC.
  3. Trojan horse – pretends that it is a reliable app. But, it steals information after activation.
  4. Bots – controls the complete network. So, it infects the whole server of the computer.

Malware of Action

A malware of action has six subtypes:

  1. Spyware – spies on your computer. Then, it studies your behavior. So, the data collected is then sent to another person.
  2. Adware – comes from pop-up ads. It also monitors your browsing activities. So, it leaks your privacy.
  3. Ransomware – a type of malware that asks for money. If you don’t give them money, it will not unlock your computer. So, you can’t use those files anymore.
  4. Scareware – another malware that scares you. At first, you thought it will fix your computer. But, it infects it rather.
  5. Rootkits – enters root and systems. Then, it steals files and data.

New Generation Threats To Information Security

There are five new-gen threats:

  1. Outdated antivirus – not updating this software will cause a virus on your part
  2. Weak security – unsecured network. So, hackers can bypass them.
  3. Social media attacks – hackers using social media. Then, they steal your account and passwords
  4. Phishing – unsolicited emails or files from someone else. But, it steals your credentials
  5. Mobile malware – downloaded apps from unsecured sources. But, it has a virus and other malicious code
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