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Top Cybersecurity Startups Must Track In 2021

What are the cybersecurity startups to track in 2021? In this article, we will discuss this one by one.

The need for cybersecurity goods, services, and experts has never been stronger. In reality, there is still a big lack of skilled security staff willing to fill open jobs.

Read on to learn more.

Top Cybersecurity Startups Must Track In 2021

This list is drawn up on the basis of several aspects. Among them, rates of growth, the latest rounds of funds, and advances in emerging trends.

Axis Security

Axis Security is giving a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) system. It uses policy controls focused on complex file layout.  As well as disarming and rebuilding abilities. And also software control for risk mitigation cases.

The system was formed on a zero-trust safety basis.

Axis Security gained $32 million in Series B financing during September 2020. A sum of $49 million in three rounds.

The firm also released the Axis Security Partner Program (ASPP) to VARs last year. Also, d Devices integrators, MSSPs, OEM alliances, and dealers.

The motive of this software is to help firms have safe access to apps for their remote workers.  The two-tier plan reads as follows:

  • A chance for market growth,
  • Training,
  • Joint marketing,
  • Partner’s collateral,
  • Marketing of co-op assets,
  • Leads for sales
  • Planning of the field account.


Bitglass has taken the chance to grow its worth. How is that? The adaptation of its CASB item. Focus on conserving firms from a remote job world that’s become popular. Because of the epidemic of COVID-19.

The Total Cloud Security Platform is a mix of CASB (cloud access security brokerage). As well as stable web access points on-device. And zero-trust links to the network. To protect endpoints in all computers on the network.

For 3 years, Gartner also called Bitglass the pioneer in its Magic Quadrant.

Bitglass raised $70 million in Series D financing in August 2019. Raising its overall start-up capital to $150 million.

Cado Security

Cado Security has made a name for itself in the security field. How? By creating the world’s first cloud-based forensics and response network.

The Cado Response tool allows safety teams. In order to reply quickly to cloud-based attack events. In addition to container worlds.

The bulk of typical methods for detecting cyber-attacks are unable to define the potential effects of such settings.

Cado Security is a new firm that was built in the year 2020. Despite this, it has already secured $1.5 million in seed money.

Cato Networks

Cato Networks is yet another SASE service that saw a sharp rise in attention due to the epidemic.

Cato’s network has seen a 300 percent rise in remote staff linking to cloud providers. Over the period of. 3 months.

Moreover, Cato ended a $130 million round of capital in November 2020. This falls after receiving $77 million in the last investment round just 6 months ago. This new round took its value to $1 billion.

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