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What Information Security Solutions Work Best For Small Businesses

Consider what information security solutions work best for small businesses.

Why Should Small Businesses Consider Information Security Solutions?

Information security is both a major concern and a pitfall of both institutions and businesses alike. This works for those who own a website, have online accounts or even those who have some web-based infrastructure- everyone is at risk.

But how about small businesses? Should they be concerned?

At all costs, yes.

Information security is a major element of today’s business success. This well includes even small businesses.

However, due to negligence and overconfidence, many small businesses fail in this regard. For example, some neglect the need for imposing InfoSec measures and controls because they believe in either of the following:

  • “Information security & cybersecurity is only for Fortune 500 businesses”
  • “Cybercriminals don’t look after us”
  • “We have nothing to lose”

But in reality, they are completely wrong.

Small businesses are also one of the prime targets for cyberattacks. 


Basically because of their lack of resources and protective measures. Also, small business accounts are least optimized for security. Network systems are often compromised for privacy.

In line with this, how can small businesses better adapt to the need? 

In this post, we have gathered the best information security solutions that suit small businesses best. These shall help these small entities get started.

What Information Security Solutions Can Work For Small Businesses?

Here are 5 small-business-friendly information security solutions.

1. Comodo

Comodo is a global and award-winning security provider. We have included this in the list because Comodo offers free and affordable security tools. Although they offer affordable solutions, they do not compromise on reliability and features.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a go-to solution for all your bases, ESET is for you. For example, ESET offers different security bundles. These security bundles or packages can cover all your computers, mobile devices, USB drives, networks, and servers.

In addition, ESET can provide cybersecurity solutions to both iOS and Windows users.

3. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

All entities make use of Wi-Fi connections and networks. These connections can serve as loopholes to attacks, thus contributes to your vulnerabilities.

So how can Xirrus help?

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector offers a solution that can help you have central control for your WLAN. by doing so, you can have more authority to monitor and protect networks.

How do Xirrus works?

Xirrus can examine your wi-fi traffic. So it can monitor clients who access the network. Thus, better guards your network against illicit access and abnormal activity.

4. Lookout Mobile Security

Do you know that your mobile devices and tablets are vulnerable too? 

Yes, they can serve as your liabilities when unsecured.

So how do Lookout Mobile Security works?

This platform can help you predict, detect, and shield all types of mobile threats. This includes malware, data breach gaps, application downloads, and jailbroken devices, for instance.

5. Random.org

When it comes to security, passwords should readily come to mind. The “1234” passwords no longer work. 

So how can Random.org help?

The platform can help you manage passwords more effectively. For example, it has a random password generator. This can let you generate strong, alphanumeric, 24-character-long passwords.

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