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What is an Alert Triage?

The Alert Triage is a special type of triage where you open an alert that needs to be fixed. We don’t know what the fix is yet, but we know it needs to be fixed. We’ve created an Alert Triage to help make sure that these alerts get attention and get them into the right hands.

Why do we have Alert Triages?

We have Alert Triages to ensure that important alerts get the attention they deserve. We have created this process because there are too many alerts in Slack, too many triage to keep up with, and too many people who would like a chance to fix an issue. Alert triages are to help make sure that important alerts get the attention they deserve.

How do I know if my alert needs an Alert Triage?

Alerts that are in a state that is not one of the following are candidates for an Alert Triage: Fixed, In progress, or Deleted.

What if I don’t know how to fix my alert?

You will need to ask someone else for help. Post in the #alerts channel of your Slack and ask for help. If you are not into that channel, go to and click “Subscribe” next to the #alerts channel to add it to your list of subscribed channels. Another option is to post in the #general channel with a link to your alert and say something like, “I need help with this alert.” Someone from your team should reply with some advice.

What if I am working on an alert but want someone else to review it before I push it live?

Once you are in the process, you are welcome and encouraged to invite others – including members outside of your team – into the Alert Triage so they can review your fix. Just add their names as a cc: on the ticket and they will be notified of the ticket being assigned to them. This is a great way for everyone on Slack to help each other out.

Benefits of Alert Triage

Alert Triage is a fantastic Slack custom command that has many benefits for your team, including:

  • You’ll have fewer alerts in the #alerts channel of your Slack.
  • Your alerts will get fixed more quickly.
  • You’ll know if an alert needs your attention or not.
  • You’ll be able to get help from others around your team.
  • Also, you’ll have a better understanding of who works on what in your team.
  • You can easily add others to the Alert Triage – just cc: them on the ticket.


In summary, Alert Triage is a great tool to help you and your team better manage alerts in your Slack team. Also, it can help you and your team learn how to better manage your alerts. If an alert is triaged and not fixed, it will get reassigned to you. This means you can fix it. The Alert Triage is a great tool for your entire team to help all members of your team, including those not subscribed to the #alerts channel in Slack.

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