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What Is An Information Security Audit?

If you’re wondering if your systems are secure, an information security audit is a great way to uncover the vulnerabilities in your systems.

At first, you might feel uncomfortable from an information security audit. It exposes all of your systems and strategies. Yet, it’s totally worth it. Audits will help you eliminate risks before they damage your systems. Hence, it steers you away from drastic consequences such as financial and reputational damage.

Hence, we must get comfortable with audits. You may conduct in-house audits or ask for help from outside experts. In this article, let’s take a deeper look at information audits.

An Overview On How An Information Security Audit Takes Place 

Most organizations keep records in digital databases. Hence, it’s a must that organizations do everything to protect data. They put in place various security measures to protect those databases. Organizations must test those databases periodically. That is to see that they comply with the latest standards and practices.

An information security audit is no easy task. The auditor will deeply analyze the systems. Furthermore, the auditor will look for obvious issues and potential concerns. Auditors may choose to audit per department or as a whole, depending on the size of the organization. The bottom line is he/she will assess the overall systems’ structure.

Afterward, the auditor will submit a detailed report. That report outlines whether the systems run effectively or not. Moreover, the auditor will give suggestions to the company’s management. He/she will also provide a cost-benefit analysis. That is so the management can see how valuable are the suggested upgrades.

An information security audit may also involve testing the existing security policies of the company. The auditor checks if there are risks associated with those policies. Moreover, auditors may also interview employees. That is to have a deeper understanding. That is how the company upholds information security.

Who Can Conduct An Information Security Audit 

Companies may choose whether to have the audit in-house or hire external auditors. Smaller companies usually conduct in-house audits.

Smaller companies usually have their senior-level IT manager to conduct the audit. Moreover, this employee will present detailed reports. That is to the management ad external security compliance officers. Meanwhile, bigger companies often hire designated Corporate Internal Auditors. Such auditors have vast experience in systems auditing or a certified accountant.

Meanwhile, several laws mandate an external audit. For instance, the federal or state government offices send out auditors to assess the company’s compliance. Also, companies may hire third-party auditing companies specializing in technology auditing. That is when certain compliance frameworks require it.

Types Of Audits 

An internal or external auditor may conduct a manual information security audit. Manual audits involve interviewing employees and scanning security systems for risks. Moreover, a manual audit assesses physical access to systems. It also analyzes your application and operating system controls.

On the other hand, companies may choose a CAAT or computer-assisted audit technique. These audits aided by software provide more comprehensive and customizable reports. Furthermore, the software alerts IT technicians in events of suspicious activities. 

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