remote work security

What is Remote Work Security?

Remote work security is the security of your remote workers.

Whether you have employees working remotely some of the time or all the time, you need to understand the threats they face. As well as the dangers your business may be into. 

For example, if you’re a company with the main office, and remote workers are given security clearances when they work in the main office, then there is a risk for abuse if those remote workers go on to work for another company that does not have security clearances. 

If your company sells equipment or materials that are restricted for export, then you’ll want to control who has access to that information. The security of your remote workforce is just as important as the security of your office workers.

Remote Work Security: General

The following are general tips for managing remote work security:

  • Keep track of all devices used by employees on your network. These will include devices at home or on the road. Ideally, all devices should be in registration in your management console and devices can be in the tracking. Perhaps basing on serial number or IMEI number.
  • Remotely wiping these devices in case of loss or theft will protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • After the registration of a device, you can monitor it by recording location information. Or the tracking logins and looking at what files are being accessible.
  • Constantly test remote workers’ practices to make sure they are following the rules set by your business and their employers.
  • If a device gets lost or stolen, you can wipe it remotely and immediately. So that no one can gain access to it.
  • If a remote worker’s device gets into any damage, you should be able to remotely wipe that device. For instance, while they go through the process of getting a new one and installing software and applications on it. This way sensitive data on that device won’t fall into the wrong hands while it is out of commission waiting for repairs.

Remote Work Security: Employee Device Management

You can use mobile device management (MDM) tools to help manage employee devices. But there are also some important aspects of remote work security that are not addressed by MDM tools.

  • Most MDM tools monitor devices while they are into the corporate network and their location while they are connected to outside networks (such as public WiFi). However, this isn’t always possible depending on how an employee’s computer behaves when it connects to an outside network (for example if a laptop connects automatically). The solution to this is to use an MDM tool that can monitor devices both when they are inside and outside your network.
  • Many MDM tools allow you to remotely wipe a device if it is lost or stolen. However, these tools may not be able to remotely wipe a device from outside your network. To ensure that you can always wipe a device, you should use an MDM tool that can remotely wipe a device using the Internet.
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