ISA 62443

What Is The ISA 62443 Framework?

Here is the background of Isa 62443. Also, it tackles the four guides to ensure the ICS networks by using it.

All About The ISA 62443

ISA 62443 or formerly known as ISA 99 is a worldwide standard. The standard for industrial control systems for companies.

The standard is created by the International Society Automation (ISA) but turn over to the International Electronical Commission. So it is also known as the IEC 62443.

The ISA/IEC 62443 is consists of over 13 files. But, categorized into four. These are the following:

  • General
  • Policies and procedures
  • System
  • Components

The General and Policies and procedures have the concepts of using ICS security. Then the latter part of the system and components is for technical requirements of the system networks.

So we will tackle these two requirements.

ISA 62433: System Requirements

There are three files in the system groups. These are the following:

  • Design choices
  • Modifications
  • Adjustment

These three are the elements to improve the security of the ICS networks.

  • ISA/IEC 62443-3-1

The first record gives an overview. This overview of the current network security technologies‘ benefits and restrictions.

  • ISA/IEC 62443-3-2

The second record is for addressing the security risk assessment and also the design. It gives a suggestion to the company about the following:

  • their network into zones
  • conduits
  • grouping the systems

This kind of approach is the same as functionality and restricting access.

  • ISA/IEC 62443-3-3

Lastly, the third record. It explains general system security requirements such as:

  • authentication
  • data confidentiality
  • system integrity

After it stressing that production and availability during the process should not put in a compromising situation.

ISA 62433: Components Requirements

So the Component group on the other hand consists of two records.

  • ISA/IEC 62443-4-1

Firstly, the goal here is to reduce the number of security risks in power system solutions. In order to allow for a growth process for ICS products. 

  • ISA/IEC 62443-4-2

Secondly, for ensuring the ICS network it works to determines the technical requirements.

Moreover, based on the requirements given in the System and Components groups, there are another four steps. These four steps need to be followed by industrial operators.

This will result to more enhance the security of the ICS network. Also, the successful application of the ISA/IEC 62443

The Four Steps Of The System And Components Groups

  • Data Collection

Firstly, you need to collect the data. Because you cannot correctly ensure your network if you do not what you are defending.

So you must collect the correct asset data. Also, it includes details of communication.

Moreover, learning how your network works is also a significant first step to improving your security.

  • Network Security Assessment

Secondly, the method that includes examining the results of the following:

  • ascertain the best approach for using needed adjustments,
  • also, evaluating your network’s current state of security
  • Solution Build

Thirdly, the support in criticalities and priorities.

Moreover, it embraces the following:

  • description of procedures
  • division of the network into the zone
  • sense of channels
  • the classification
  • Solution Deployment

Lastly, ensuring your network is to use the chosen countermeasures. These areas need to be combined into a regular service.

So it can maintain the safety of your network and its processes.

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