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Where is Cybersecurity Going Year After Year

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Where is Cybersecurity Going?

Cybersecurity has been there since the existence of the first computer virus.

That was the “creeper” virus. It is also a harmless application designed to duplicate from one computer to another. 

New malware is formulated every day. They are created by cybercriminals. They try to develop also new tools for bad purposes. 

But cybersecurity professionals strive to stop them. This has also become a cat-and-mouse game for both parties. Each also tries to defeat the other.

In the decade’s sense, the refinement on all sides in this game is also growing.

Cyber threats have grown in order and complexity. There is also a target that an attacker might go after. 

And the size of that exposed targets has become larger with the birth of the Internet. And also now with the birth of the Internet of Things. 

Meanwhile, the means available to identify and stop threats have also improved.

They use machine learning and also artificial intelligence. This is for them to also continue their game of cat-and-mouse. 

Quantum computing is also next in line. It will raise the skills of an attacker and a defender. So the cat and the mouse will also keep getting better and quicker.

Now, here is what the future of cybersecurity looks like.

USBs Will Be A More Effective Threat

USB devices are everywhere. A lot of people using and owning it. Cybercriminals also target USBs to enter industrial targets. 

There is a possibility for people to underestimate ‘malware’. For some, a ‘virus’ is adware or spyware. They are also disappointed with your personal computer. But malware can also be much more severe.

The malware can also cause loss and damage to the process.

Growth of Ransomware Threats

Ransomware has been a growing cyber threat for years now. Ransomware has also become more productive over the years. 

As a result, it also becomes very effective. There is a primary financial advantage also to the groups. That is also behind the ransomware campaigns. 

Ransomware is now being joined also into bigger attack campaigns. This is also where enemies steal sensitive data.

They will do that before encoding a target’s data. And they also try to prevent data recovery methods. How? By making backup and recovery tools. And that trend will also continue.

Secure Remote Access

There is a need to guarantee the security of remote access. Why? That is because of the new normal remote working.

Businesses must make changes in their security plans. Meanwhile, attackers are also growing their approach. 

They also find ways to target employees. Those employees who are working in isolation. But also still, have access to the corporate system.

Increased Automation

Cybersecurity defense strategy will always be there. 

Companies will never have one silver bullet. For them to decrease the risk of a cyber-attack. But, multiple technologies and processes should also be in place. To help reduce those threats.

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