Cybersecurity Matters

Why Cybersecurity Matters More Than Ever

Nowadays, there are a lot of reasons why cybersecurity matters so much. For one, we are now very reliant on our devices to get things done.

So, there is a rising need to keep them safe and secure. Especially now that we are facing a pandemic. People are being pushed to work from home.

Further, new techs are always on the rise. While hackers are also on the rise. But that is not all.

What are some other reasons why cybersecurity matters more than ever? Read on to know more.

Why Cybersecurity Matters More Than Ever

New Techs on the Rise

As said, new techs are popping up at rapid speed. But these new techs pose new kinds of threats. Thus, leading to an increase in cyberattacks.

Yes, they make our lives easier. But they also provide new openings to hackers. Here are some techs that we are seeing today:

  • Internet of Things (IoT). This is the new favorite for some sectors. New IoT devices are making their workload easier. Or helping them please their customers. But as of now, this is very vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Cloud Computing. People are migrating to the cloud these days. Whether it be a public, private, or hybrid cloud. But due to the huge number of data stored in the cloud, it is an attractive target for hackers.

Hacking Tools More Available

Today, hacking tools are becoming widely available. Thus, making it one of the reasons why cybersecurity matters more than ever.

As a result of this rise, more people are now getting into hacking. Because it is now easier for them to get the tools they need to do damaging attacks.

What is worse is that one can easily find these tools on the internet. Some are even available for free or at a low price. Further, you can now even find hacking tutorials online.

What does this mean? Even those less-skilled people can now become a hacker. So, you also need to be wary of them in addition to high-skilled ones. Yikes!

High Cost of Breaches

Last, breaches today are getting more and more expensive. It is not like before. When all you have to worry about is jeopardized usernames and passwords.

Today, on average, one breach can cost a company millions of user data. As well as their credentials. For example, the Facebook breach. 267 million users got affected.

Then, their data were sold online. Data like names, birth dates, email ads, and more. But that is not what is all involved in a breach.

When companies experience this, they will need to spend millions of dollars. This is for:

  • mitigating the effects of the breach
  • recovering data
  • paying fines
  • customer compensation
  • upgrading their systems
  • and more

Cybersecurity Matters

As you can see, we can no longer be lax on cybersecurity. The reasons stated above are proof enough of its weight today.

So, if you do not want to be a victim of an attack, follow the cybersecurity best practices. May it be at work or your home.

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