cybersecurity used in cars

Why is Cybersecurity Used in Cars?

Why is cybersecurity used in cars?

Why is Cybersecurity Used in Cars?

Cybersecurity in cars is useful for different purposes than in the consumer electronic world. The main focus of automotive cybersecurity is to ensure that the vehicle can be safe. Perhaps while allowing for access to various systems and components of the car. 

This is possible by encrypting all data streams in use by the car. If an attacker were to break into these streams, they would not be able to get any information from them. By ensuring that data cannot be accessible, it ensures that on-board computers. For example, like the engine control unit (ECU), will not be able to be hacked or compromised by an outside source.

For Vehicle Access Control

Cybersecurity in vehicles is also useful for vehicle access control; which is similar to network access control (NAC) in regular computer networks.

This is possible by requiring a user to authenticate themselves with a driver’s license or credit card to start the vehicle. If they do not have any permission to use the vehicle, they will not be able to start it.

This is important because it ensures that only valid users will be able to access and use the features and functions of the car. This way, if a user is driving a car and gets into an accident that impacts their life, remotely shutting off the car is possible; Also, it prevents the car from moving away from the scene of the accident.

This can also help in cases where someone steals a car and doesn’t know how to operate it properly. If they get into an accident, they will not be able to move the car away from the scene of the accident due to not having access. This means that law enforcement can recover the vehicle more easily and determine who was driving at the time of the theft and any other information that may be relevant.

Cybersecurity in Cars Protects the User

In addition to ensuring the safety of the car from any compromise, cybersecurity in cars also ensures the safety of the car’s user as well as their passengers. 

Most modern vehicles have a variety of sensors that collect various data from the car. Such as how fast it is moving, how much gas on the tank is remaining, and what speed it is going. This information is in a digital format and can be accessible. For instance, by several computers that are in use in the vehicle.

This is important because it allows for the driver to access the information they need, like the speed their car is going, without having to look at the speedometer. However, this also means that someone could hack into these systems. Not to mention, monitor the user’s speed or other information.

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