will cyber security jobs be automated

Will Cybersecurity Jobs Be Automated?

Will cybersecurity jobs be automated? Why do people ask this question? Well, the adoption of security automation technologies increased by 12% year over year. Besides, there still signs of further growth.

Additionally, the cybersecurity market has solutions that protect users from potentially harmful sources. So, does that mean that automation will be ousting cybersecurity pros eventually in the future?

What Is Cybersecurity Automation?

No doubt, security operation tasks need human intervention. But, these tasks can be automated.

Security attacks grow more advanced each day. Fortunately, there are security software and devices available.

Therefore, security teams can now navigate through data alerts. And that helps them find the various threats they need to know about.

Moreover, automation allows them to add threat intelligence. As well as help them save time.

The Benefits Of Cybersecurity Automation

Many pros in the field believe that cybersecurity automation can give them the advantage. Consider the following:

  • It’s efficient and cost-effective – Automation allows for faster data collection. As a result, the incident management response is more dynamic. Besides, it eliminates time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Because of that, cybersecurity experts have more time to focus on other strategies and initiatives.
  • With automation, you’ll have fewer errors – Well, automation adds artificial intelligence. Thus, enhancing the organization’s analytic capabilities.
  • Automation helps optimize decision-making – Yes, automated activities also identify deficiencies. And you can correct them through actionable and formalized procedures. This will then lead to a more secure environment.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Is It A Threat?

Studies suggest that more younger people worry about job security. Especially nowadays that organizations increasingly embrace automation. That includes AI and ML which strengthens their IT security teams.

Does that mean that their job is at risk of replacement by robots? Well, according to a report from security advisors Exabeam, there’s a creeping skepticism among younger people. As to whether AI and ML are a threat to their job security.

The finding was gathered from a survey of 350 cybersecurity professionals worldwide. This includes respondents from UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and the US.

What were the results? Well, it emphasized the fact that only a quarter of professionals older than 45 showed the same concern.

Besides, the report notes that job security fears regarding automation were reported by:

  • 54% from Singapore
  • 47% from the US
  • 42% from the Germans
  • 40% of Australia
  • 30% from the UK

Therefore, a lack of understanding about automation can have an impact on job security. Even so, automation is increasingly embraced within cybersecurity.

Will Cybersecurity Become Automated?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Why so? As each day pass, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated. So, to investigate these threats, cyber analysts need to complete manual and repetitive work.

Companies today can automate lower-level workflows. Especially those repeatable ones.

And that improves security against hackers. While at the same time, allowing cybersecurity teams to focus on more productive problem-solving activities.

This means that the higher-level implementation of security measures will remain in the hands of human developers. As well as system designers.

Automation helps to make their security job easier. However, there are human attributes that automation tools may not be able to account for.

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