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World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

The eSecurity Planet analyzes the World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers. In cryptography, specialization can be a good thing.

Moreover, Cybersecurity is the biggest area of IT expenditure. Further, that is why so many manufacturers have reached this profitable industry worth $100 billion+.

Which are the leading companies?

In this update, the major shocks are that Fortinet and KnowBe4 have risen to the top of the chart.
Furthermore, they are ahead of wider IT suppliers with a high degree of security experience.

World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers Methodologies

Moreover, they assigned vendors of cybersecurity ratings based on their annual sales and product selection.
Besides, other scores, inclusion in eSecurity Planet’s Best Technology Vendor lists, and also, Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, Gartner Peer Review ratings.

World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

The Fortinet

Head office: Sunnyvale, California Established: 2000 Yearly income: 2.15 billion dollars

Product types for cybersecurity:

network firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, Network Access Control (NAC), besides firewalls for mobile applications and protection for endpoints.

Appearances on the Top Vendors lists for eSecurity Planet: 5

World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers as one of the best defense businesses around, Fortinet has been developing credibility. Furthermore, at a quick rate, its profits are rising. It turns up in the top vendor of eSecurity Planet.

KnowBe4-World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

Head Office: Clearwater, Florida Established: 2010 Yearly income: Held Private

Product Groups for Safety:

Safety knowledge preparation KnowBe4 is on a missile ride. Moreover, a company that gets to Unicorn status on the edge of safety training (highly prized at a billion or more) is quite a task. Yet persistent hacks by big and small companies, furthermore, a trail of malware and phishing survivors, opened up a huge market.

Cisco: World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

Head office: California, San Jose Established: 1984 Yearly income: 49.33 billion dollars

Product types for cybersecurity:

next-generation firewalls, malware detection next-generation, CASB, network portal, NAC, furthermore, sophisticated malware defense, email security, server security, security monitoring, VPN, intelligence services

Appearances on the Top Vendors list for eSecurity Planet: 6

Cisco’s origins are in connectivity, moreover, it has widened into safety and processing by obligation. 

Splunk: World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

Head office: California, San Francisco Established: 2003 Yearly income: 1,27 billion dollars

Market segments for cybersecurity:

Security analytics, SIEM, user behavior analytics (UEBA), besides mitigation of malware, safety, manufacturing,

Appearances on the Top Vendors list of eSecurity Planet: 2

The favorite of the IT Service Management ( ITSM) market is Splunk. Yet it has grown from ITSM into the administration of defense and activities. Furthermore, to conduct vulnerability analysis and for SIEM, many uses the Splunk framework.

Microsoft: World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers

Head office: Redmond, Washington, United States Founded: 1975 Yearly income: 110,360 billion dollars

Market segments for cybersecurity:

access control Management, UEBA, threat detection, besides data security, infrastructure security, furthermore, Cloud Security, DDoS Protection, Gateway Application,

Endorsements on eSecurity Planet’s Top Vendors lists: 4

World’s Biggest Cybersecurity Suppliers, a broad defense platform, has been built up by Microsoft. Besides, this includes authentication and authorization of Active Directory, Windows Defender, Azure Cloud Security,


Head office: Armonk, New York, United States Established: 1911 Yearly income: 77,898 billion dollars

Market segments of cybersecurity:

safety analytics, service providers, security patches, similarly, authentication, SIEM, security improvisation, besides, malware detection, fraud prevention, furthermore, network security, data security, malware detection, the security of applications, endpoint security, last, strategic planning of identity and access, mainframe security

Performances on the Top Vendors list for eSecurity Planet: 8

IBM provides plenty of alternatives for cybersecurity, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Besides, the System for instrumentation and information security, data encryption, and lots more.
Furthermore, much of the dilemma is that IBM has such a large portfolio inside the inventory that some of its products are missed.

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