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BDO Cyber Security: Global Solutions And Services

BDO Cyber Security offers advanced global solutions and services. But why do businesses need these cybersecurity practices?


Cybersecurity is a serious problem for many years now. Networks are getting complex. Also, hackers are getting more advanced.

Moreover, the harms caused by cybersecurity incidents are getting worse. Companies will face financial loss and reputational damages. Not to mention the lawsuits they face.

To protect your company and organization, you need effective controls and security awareness.

BDO Cyber Security provides cybersecurity services and solutions. In this article, we will name a few.

Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

This tool is a secure and inexpensive solution for assessing cyber risk profiles. It also identifies the effectiveness of a company’s risk management plan.

BDO Cyber Security uses a risk scoring algorithm. It helps find out the potential risks, such as:

  • business continuity
  • information governance
  • disaster recovery
  • third-party risk management

Cyber Risk Security Testing

This tool helps your company learn about the risks. It also assists in identifying the vulnerabilities of your data.

With that, you will know the potential impact and exposure in case of a security incident. Also, you can prepare for the costs of protecting your information.

Cyber Risk Management Strategy & Program Design

This service helps you design and apply for a program. It also helps build your risk management plan.

Additionally, it includes providing strategies, structures, and training. Hence, it is helpful for your internal and external systems.

Data Privacy & Protection

This service will help you comply with global data privacy and protection laws. In addition, it will help your company apply your security policies.

Besides, it follows the country-specific protection requirements. It also uses the BDO sources from over 150 nations.

Security Architecture and Transformation

This service helps you develop and apply a security framework. It is also fit for every company’s needs and system.

Also, it involves the following aspects:

  • data protection
  • access controls
  • security monitoring
  • data privacy
  • application of security tools

Security Incident Response Planning

This solution helps you test if your plans are effective for security breaches. It also assists in creating processes and hiring experts.

Cyber Insurance Claim Preparation

This service helps you prepare a budget for a security event. It also helps you quantify the response costs. It is beneficial in evaluating insurance for every incident.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

This tool helps you test if your business can still continue after a cyber incident. More so, it helps you plan on how to recover after a disaster.

This service also includes:

  • applications
  • infrastructure
  • facilities
  • critical systems

Digital Forensics and Investigations

During a cybersecurity incident, you need to conduct investigations. Thus, you can track the hacker and fix what you have to.

BDO Cyber Security gives a rapid response to these incidents. And these services include knowing the cause of the breach.

Thus, you can apply solutions for the affected systems and networks.


As a company and business grow, the data you have also grown along with it. The need for cybersecurity must be balanced.

While it is still impossible to remove all the risks and threats. There are cybersecurity solutions that you can use. Just like the BDO Cyber Security Services and Solutions.

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