symptoms of computer virus

Be Alert of these Symptoms of Computer Virus

Here are symptoms of computer virus intrusion. 

Symptoms of Computer VirusInfection

Infected files have a .COM, .EXE, .SCR, or .BAT extension. When a computer virus is active, the file name suffix is changed from the original to one of these. In addition, there may be a file with a different name that does not have an extension – this is a “HIDDEN VIRUS”.

Files infected by computer viruses contain data that was not put there by the programmer of the file. Also, the extra data messes up the program and the computer.

So to determine if a file is infected, you can use a program that scans for viruses.

The following are some common symptoms of computer virus infection, for example:

1. Frequent Pop-up Windows

If you have frequent pop-up windows, this is usually not good. Pop-up windows are usually advertisements. These advertisements can be annoying. If they are popping up too frequently, your computer may be infected with a computer virus. 

2. Windows Not Responding

Your computer may not respond when you try to click on something. This is another symptom of computer virus infection. If you have this problem, you should check for viruses immediately.

3. DOS Prompt

If your computer suddenly starts to behave like DOS, it’s probably infected. Moreover, DOS is an older operating system.

4. Hard Drive Slowdown

If your computer gets slower and slower, there may be a virus. This is usually caused by something called a “memory-resident virus”. These are not as common as other types of computer viruses, but they are still very dangerous. 

5. Computer Freezes

Your computer may freeze for no apparent reason. This is another symptom of computer virus infection. It may even freeze after you have rebooted the computer. If this happens to you, you must scan for viruses immediately.

6. Errors on the Screen

There are many different types of errors that can show up on your screen when you have a virus. 

7. Files Disappear

If you have a computer virus, you may notice that some of the files on your computer disappear. So if this happens, you should immediately scan for viruses. 

8. Programs Become Slow or Unstable

If a program becomes slow or unstable when you have a virus, there is a good chance that your computer is infected. You should scan for viruses immediately if this happens to you. 

9. My Computer Is Too Slow

If your computer has slowed down, you may have a computer virus. This problem can be caused by many things, but a virus is one of the most common causes. If this happens to you, you should scan for viruses immediately. 

10. Email Problems

If your email starts to have problems, you may have a computer virus. There are different types of computer viruses that can affect email. You must scan for viruses as soon as possible if you notice problems with your email. 

11. Problems with Connections or Modems burgeoning

If you have problems with your connections or modems, it may be a sign of a computer virus. There are many different types of computer viruses that can affect your connections and modems. If this happens to you, scan for viruses immediately. 

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